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Friday, December 3, 2004

United Nations Headquarters, New York

Intermediate and Secondary Students (grades 5- 12)

HIV/AIDS and Human Rights: from Awareness to Action

Programme for December 2-3, 2004
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Thursday, 2 December, 2004

A training workshop will be held at the United Nations International School, 24-50 F.D.R Drive, New York City. The proceedings will be webcast and will be comprised of the following:

9:30am – 12:30pm Morning session: Welcome by facilitator Susan Fountain, introductions of students and summary of research; presentation by HIV/AIDS specialist.
12:30 pm- 1:15 Lunch hosted by UNIS
1:30-3:00pm Afternoon session: Break into 5 “sub-theme” groups for continued discussion and drafting of Plan of Action
3 pm -3:30 pm Break
3:30 – 4:30 pm Presentation and voting on important points for each sub-theme to be included in draft Plan of Action
4:30-5 pm Voting for officers to lead December 3 conference day

Participants will include up to 8 student representatives from each of the co-sponsors. Drawing on the exchanges from the web-based chat forum and their prior research, they will work in moderated caucus groups and in plenary to draft an action plan that will be discussed at the conference the following day, December 3. At the end of the workshop, participants will elect the following officers to lead the conference:

1 Chairperson (who will coordinate the drafting group, introduce the moderators and present the Plan of Action to the President of the General Assembly)
3 Moderators (who will preside over the morning and two afternoon sessions)
1 Rapporteur (who will record discussions and note suggested changes to the draft Plan of Action)
1 Web Rapporteur (who will coordinate communications between the conference and web cast participants)

Ms. Susan Fountain, an international curriculum development and training specialist with experience in HIV/AIDS Education, is scheduled to facilitate the workshop. The draft Plan of Action will be posted on the Conference website during the evening of December 2.

Friday, 3 December, 2004

The Conference will take place at the United Nations Headquarters (First Avenue at 46th Street). Students who participated in the training workshop on December 2 will convene at the UN. Web casting will be available worldwide for participants with Internet access, and 9 sites in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and around the world will be linked to the conference in NY through video-conferencing. These sites include:

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2. Mexico City, Mexico
3. Fairfax, Virginia, USA
4. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
5. Vancouver, Canada
6. Bristol, United Kingdom
7. Barrie, Canada
8. Somerdale, New Jersey, USA
9. Johannesburg, South Africa

During the conference, participants will discuss, amend and vote in person or via video conferencing on the draft Plan of Action prepared at the workshop the previous day. Students around the world can participate online by sending comments and questions during the live webcast. At the end of conference, the student Chairperson will present the Plan of Action to the President of the UN General Assembly.

View programme for 3 December 2004 (Word document)


"The full realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all is an essential element in a global response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, including in the areas of prevention, care, support and treatment, … [This realization] reduces vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and prevents stigma and related discrimination against people living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS."

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