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Student Conference on Human Rights



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Watch a webcast (video archive) of the conference on December 5, 2003.

December 5, 2003

United Nations Headquarters,
New York

For Whom
Intermediate and Secondary Students (grades 5-12)

Education for All

how to participate

35-45 delegates from the United States, Canada, and Mexico will meet at UN Headquarters in New York on 5 December to draft a Plan of Action related to this year's theme: Education for All. Additional classrooms from other countries around the world will be linked by videoconference and webcast.

Students participating in the conference can post their preliminary Plan of Action in our interactive forums.

The 2003 Student Conference on Human Rights forums are now closed. An archived version of the 2003 forums will be available soon.

Please join the new forums for the 2004 Student Conference on HIV/AIDS. This year's discussion wil focus on moving "From Awareness to Action."

On Friday, December 5, Cyberschoolbus will post a form for students to use to submit their thoughts and questions directly to the students who are moderating the proceedings at the UN.


Students participating in the conference and Interactive Forums should be familiar with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Education for All goals, International Literacy Decade documents, as well as the Millenium Goals. Here are some resources to help students prepare for the conference:

Guiding Questions for Participating Students
  • Who in your community does work on basic education or literacy?
  • How can you support EFA abroad? Nationally? Locally?
  • What percentage of your GNP (Gross National Product) does your country contribute foreign aid? How does this figure compare figures for other countries?
  • How much does your country contribute to literacy and education efforts abroad?
  • What are some obstacles to reach the goals of Education for All?
  • Why has female literacy been identified as a key variable in development strategies?
  • How is Education for All central to problems such as poverty alleviation, sustainable development and the avoidance of war?
Model Plan(s) of Action

Students participating in this year's conference should consult Plans of Action submitted at the end of previous conferences to see how they are structured:

http://www.un.org/cyberschoolbus/student/plan.html 2001 http://www0.un.org/cyberschoolbus/studentconf2000/declaration.asp 2000

Please note that a ‘Plan of Action’ usually includes:
1. Introduction
2. Preamble
3. Achievements
4. Challenges
5. Goals
6. Strategies
7. Appendix (if needed)

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