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Picture Gallery: Children Share Ideas
Find the Landmines in This Picture!
Picture Gallery: Children share ideas

30% of landmine victims are under the age of 15. That’s why it’s critically important to teach kids about how to recognize and avoid the dangers of landmines, and to listen to their feelings and own ideas about mine safety. Educators teaching mine risk reduction often ask children living in affected areas to express their thoughts and experiences in drawings and paintings. An important step is when children to create their own safety messages and images to share with other kids.

These pictures are by children from Kosovo and Afghanistan. The Kosovo pictures were done as part of a mine risk education day. During Afghan Mine Action and Awareness Month, one of the activities of the Afghan Campaign to Ban Landmines was to conduct a poster contest for Afghan school children. The aim of the contest was to involve school children in the campaign against landmines and to promote public awareness.

Click on the thumbnails to see some samples of the children’s work.

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