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Quick Questions

With Quick Questions you can improve your class’ knowledge of world geography. Quick Questions is a list of questions and answers about different countries and cities around the world. The questions are on one page and the answers on a separate page. Quick Questions is intended for primary and middle school students.
Click here for the Quick Questions

    Here are some things you can do with Quick Questions in your class:

  1. Print the entire question sheet out and use it, or parts of it, as a long (1/2 hour) geography quiz.
  2. Take one question every week, or every other day, and ask it at the beginning of the class. Then ask students to find the answer by referring to atlases, encyclopedias or the World Wide Web. You can keep score for the students over the long run to see which students, or teams of students, have done best. At the end of it, you can try number 1.
  3. If your students have access to the web, you can turn each question into a quick web-research project which would help develop student higher order skills . Students can try and use the Country At a Glance database in order to find the answers by narrowing down their choices (a. picking the right continent on the index page; b. eliminating some possibilities based on information provided; c. looking at the right category; d. double checking their results.) Again, you can try number 1 after this process to make sure the information learned has been retained.
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