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This curriculum is designed for grades 5-12.

There are seven units including the introduction and conclusion. We encourage you to follow the order of lessons listed:

Work & Economic Security

Each unit has four sections.

Explanation The first section is an explanation of the topic. Please share this information with your students by reading it with the class and asking the questions that follow.

The second section is the activity. The activities can be done in the classroom. They are designed to get students to begin thinking about the topic as it relates to themselves and others. We feel that the activity portion of the unit is the most important part. The activities are designed to take about 20 minutes of classroom time. Please review the activities and make any changes you feel might be necessary for your individual classroom.

Community Service The next section of each unit is a community service activity. These activities can either be done as a class, or perhaps you might want to encourage students to do them on their own or with their family. We feel that involving the students in the community is an integral part of their understanding of the issues.

Internet Connection The last section of each unit includes internet sites that offer solutions to the topic or examples of programs and services that are helping people around the world. Have your students visit these sites or print them and pass them out to the class.

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