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Tell the students to think back to when they were 8 years old. Ask them, "What were some of the things that you learned that year in school? Could you read and write? Spell? Did you know grammar? Could you add? Subtract? Multiply?"

Now, ask the class to pretend that they stopped attending school at age 8 - they had to quit school to work on their family farm. Remind the class about all the knowledge that they have gained since the time they were 8 years old. Do they think they could survive? Get a well-paying job? Become a teacher? Doctor?

Have the students divide into pairs. Tell them that they are going to enact a pretend job interview. Provide each student in the pair with a different biography and set of questions. Encourage the students to make up their own interview questions.

Bio #1:

You are Ricardo Lopez from Mexico City, Mexico. You dropped out of school when you were 10 years old. You thought school was dumb and a waste of time. You ended up homeless on the streets of Mexico City by the age of 14. You are now 18 years old and have a hard time reading and doing simple math. You are applying for a job as a cashier at a grocery store.

Interviewer questions:

What kinds of skills do you have for the cashier position?

Our cash registers do not total the customers change, can you count the right change for their purchases?

Many times we have sales ads that appear in the newspaper. We need you to know what items are on sale and what their sale price is. Can you do this on your own?

What is your past job experience? Do you have any job references we can call?

Why are you the right person for this job?

Bio #2

You are Johanna from South Africa. You finished high school and just completed your college degree in international business. You graduated magna cum laude and had an internship in the marketing department with AT& T your last year of college. They have asked you to interview for an open position in their marketing department at their offices in Johannesburg.

Interviewer questions:

What kinds of skills do you have for open position?

What did you learn from your internship that will apply to this position?

Why are you the right person for this position?

Download an Acrobat PDF document of the above biographies.
Download Acrobat Reader.

After the students are done interviewing, ask the class the following questions:

How did you feel as Ricardo? Did you think you could do the job they were asking for?

How did you feel as Johanna? Did you feel prepared for the position they were interviewing you for?

What are some jobs you are interested in?

What are some skills that you think are important to get a job?


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