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ASAP: Atlas of Student Action for the Planet

Alternative High Schools, Brooklyn
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United Nations International School, Manhattan
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help us celebrate World Environment Day at
the United Nations in New York.
The United Nations is interested in what your school or community group is doing to protect the environment.
The lessons you have learned, the solutions you have devised, the problems you have encountered, are of interest to other schools and groups around the world, as they might be facing similar problems. We invited schools around the world to help us put together an on-line global atlas of student action on the environment.

In March 1998 we sent out the call for submissions to the Atlas of Student Action for the Planet. Entries were accepted in English, French, and Spanish through email and the World Wide Web from classes and school groups at primary, intermediate and secondary levels. Many entries came in from countries with little internet access by way of NGO's or persons that did have email. We received almost 100 entries from 25 countries by our deadline. The action projects dealt with a whole range of environmental issues, but we managed to put them into seven categories: reduction of air pollution, energy conservation, marine or freshwater protection, wildlife conservation, community clean-ups, recycling programs, forest protection.

The United Nations CyberSchoolBus collected the submissions and made them available on-line as part of its observance of World Environment Day, 5 June 1998. The global Atlas was recognized at an event held at the UN.

All valid entries became part of the final document. Of these, the most innovative and interesting reports will be selected for inclusion in a printed booklet which will be redistributed those schools that participated.

Click here to view the Atlas of Student Action for the Planet.

Or here for to the index of projects listed by country and school.

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