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The Peace Poem 9

The Peace that is longed for by all mankind
Lives within each of us, but is so hard to find.
Leroy High School
Leroy, AL, US

Peace is what we need
To keep this world alive.
Providence Montessori School
Lexington, KY, US

If I could teach the world, there would be joy and peace,
And no reason for police.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, middle school level
Daly City, CA, US

Peace, love, and justice come in harmony,
But most of all, from you and me.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, primary level
Daly City, CA, US

Children together can make PEACE forever.
In all weather, that’s clever.
Uppsala, Sweden

Our wish for the world is to unite in harmony and peace,
And that all hatred, wars, and terrorism would then cease.
Sheri Beezer Homeschool
Lancaster, PA, US

Peace is a path to friendship
Friendship is a path to love
Bay Head Elementary School
Bay Head, NJ, US

La paix est comme un fleuve, toujours changeante, silence dans
une soirée calme et fraîche, la pureté de vie qui reste dans chacun
Hillsboro High School
Hillsboro, OH, US

Treat others with respect, kindness, and love, please
Recycle, plant flowers and beautiful trees
South Street School
Manorville, NY, US

If I could invent just one creation
I’d make a peaceful worldwide nation.
Henry R. Clissold Elementary School
Chicago, IL, US

La Paix du coeur n’a pas de prix :
Déclarez-la dans tous les pays!
Ecole mixte La Corchade
Metz, France

La guerre ne sert à rien.
Fais la paix, ce sera bien.
Ecole primaire Notre-Dame
Montréal, Québec, Canada

In the land of peace
you will live in happiness and Peace
SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, primary school
Tema, Ghana

Peace is tranquility within.
Deep in my soul shall peace prevail
SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, middle school
Tema, Ghana

Peace we will make—not easy like a cake
Making weapons was a big mistake
Stockholm, Sweden

We are peacemakers
We are warbreakers
Knivsta, Sweden

Igual que las flores en primavera la paz florece dentro de ti;
deja un espacio dentro de ti para que la paz habite en él.
Centro Educativo Integral, middle school
Quito, Ecuador

Si tú tienes paz, vivirás más.
Si tú tienes fe en la paz, llegarás a ser más.
Florida Day School, Junior School
Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Paix, nous en avons tous besoin.
Ça serait bien qu’elle soit partout sur la Terre
et dans l’UNIVERS.
Ecole Primaire Jean Moulin
Saint Chinian, France

The peace is out there, we just have to find it...
Love me, love them who don’t love you!
Mieslahti, Finland

People are talking friendly to each other and
peace is in the whole world.
Everybody is lucky. Everybody is happy.
Kämmenniemen ala-aste

Peace is a butterfly resting on a thorn of the world,
a child of innocence born into violence and war;
a perpetual hope for equality, cooperation, and
a world dancing in colourful flavors.
Kauai High & Intermediate School, secondary level
Lihue, HI, US

With peace we can make a better world
’cause if we do not have peace, we will not have a world.
Vejstrup Ungdomsskole

War is black, peace is white
Let’s make the world more than bright.
Gymnazium Turnov, secondary school
Czech Republic

Si tu veux finir la guerre et rétablir la paix,
Il faut pardonner ton ami d’abord.
Klaukkalan koulu

All we need is love and peace
Basic school, Hroncova
Kosice, Slovakia

If a man loved all the people
he would have the whole world in his heart
Basic school, Komenskeho
Bardejov, Slovakia

Peace is a present we must save
When we forget, future humanity will die
Basic school, Uzhorodska
Kosice, Slovakia

The most beautiful word
Let peace be in the world.
Basic school, Krosnianska
Kosice, Slovakia

All people are responsible for protecting our nature,
and life on the planet Earth.
Basic school, Belehradska
Kosice, Slovakia

We, children from Slovakia,
want to have happy and satisfied childhoods
and we wish Peace and Love to children all over the world.
Basic school, Ul.cs.armady
Presov, Slovakia

Peace doesn’t need any words
just good hearts.
Basic school, Masarykova
Kosice, Slovakia

Let’s keep the words May peace prevail on Earth
close to our hearts.
Basic school
Kosicska Bela, Slovakia

Peace is like a flower
we must take care of it every day.
Grammar school, A.H.Skultetyho
Velky Krtis, Slovakia

La mirada del dolor en los niños,
la pena del corazón en el mundo.
Colegio San Luis Gonzaga
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Quien ama la paz sentirá la libertad al soñar
y volará con las alas de la esperanza y el amor.
Esucela Bilingue "Benito Juárez"

Soy la que tú y todos esperan, soy la tardía ilusión
de un mundo que se destruye por falta de
Amor y de mí, soy... la Paz.
Escuela "Dr. Alfonso Pruneda"

LA PAIX, c’est rester toujours amis, ne pas se taper
et toujours faire la paix quand on se dispute.
Ecole maternelle J.B. SCHWILGUE
Strasbourg, France

Friends are peace, enemies are war
Global people don’t have to worry anymore
Clarkson Community High School
Clarkson, WA, US

The searched peace, you can achieve
When in your brother, you believe.
Colégio Joana D’ Arc
São Paulo, Brazil

Peace is love, love to the next
give love to our friends.
Escola Paulista, primary level
São Paulo, Brazil

Peace is a soul’s puification, is a God’s hug,
its priceless.
Escola Paulista, secondary level
São Paulo, Brazil

Erase the hate! Loving and caring, playing and sharing,
That’s peace, man.
P.S. 7, The Kingsbridge School
Bronx, NY, US

We must not use weapons but fight without words
There shouldn’t be war but our voices should be heard
P.S. 55
Richmond Hills, NY, US

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