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The Peace Poem 4

Peace is like a growing seed
Spreading it is what we need.
St. Patrick School
Rodeo, CA, US

Let’s hold hands and love one another
while we make peace and friendship.
Tri-County Intermediate School
Howard City, MI, US

Peace is a dream of which the human race so longs,
We better achieve it fast or soon we’ll be gone.
North East Middle School
North East, MD, US

Una brisa suave mece el mundo;
él duda en que la paz reine en todas partes.
Instituto Coraz
Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Paix, que tu sois Thomas, Rachid, Steven ou Igor,
Est le symptôme d’amour qui coule dans tes veines, entre bien
et mal.
Ecole primaire publique
Chaffois, France

As the wind blows the shells of peace
The sound of prosperity is heard by mankind
Ecole secondaire Sainte-Ursule
Trois-Rivieres, Québec, Canada

Peace is fun, war is boring and the most stupid thing in the world
To be together and live in peace is what all people in the world want
Seda, Sweden

Hold all our hearts in our hands
And let peace free our lands.
Miranda Junior High
Miranda, CA, US

Peace is knowing that your home is safe.
Peace is freedom.
St. Elizabeth School
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

If you want world peace,
Put your temper on a leash.
Holly Creek Elementary School
Broken Bow, OK, US

Life is a Journey
Live it in Peace
St. Julie Billiart School
Hamilton, OH, US

Peace starts within our hearts
And works around the world.
Nelson Rural School, middle school
New Brunswick, Canada

We need more peace in the many races
We need more love on people’s faces.
Nelson Rural School, primary school
New Brunswick, Canada

One day all beings shall come together in one large embrace, and
someday the sun, moon and sea will play together around the
world in harmony.
Hong Kong International School
Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, China

People and countries sharing friendship and love
Can build a world where peace is alive
Amapola Primary School
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Peace is like yeast,
it helps nations rise.
Payson Senior High School
Payson, UT, US

Peace to God
Peace to People
Frank Porter Graham Elementary School
Chapel Hill, NC, US

Let’s make PEACE shine bright
Let’s make PEACE be our guiding light
Aula 10 Enseñanzas
Ciudad Real, España

Defeat disharmony . . .
Celebrate serenity.
Paul Kane High School
St. Albert, Canada

Liberty and justice, peace and love,
make the strong sign of the dove.
P.S. 29
Brooklyn, NY, US

Peace is like a white rose,
world is nothing without peace.
Yliharman kirkonkylan ala-aste
Yliharma, Finland

Different skin, different government, different cultures, different beliefs
One planet joined together, sharing these for global peace.
Baldwin High school
Pittsburgh, PA, US

Peace is just a fine word, but it can become a reality
When we open our hearts to Jesus Christ who is
Prince of Peace forever.
Eco-Peace School of Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine

The animals of the rainforest want some peace,
Their populations go down as humans increase!
Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School
Jeffersonville, NY, US

Peace is when the world forgives, forgets and smiles.
Peace is when all nations stand together as one.
Rosie and Rohaana Kilvington Junior School
Victoria, Australia

Peace is believing in giving, sharing
caring and respecting life.
Westmoreland Elementary School
Westmoreland, KS, US

Forever Friends—Forever Freedom
Peace will come
Sejergaardsskolen, primary
Tollose, Denmark

Peace is a rainbow of color
In a world of black.
Cedar Ridge Middle School
Hyde Park, UT, US

Deep within thy tired, broken heart
Still lies a shelter for peace.
W. H. Atwell Fundamental Academy
Dallas, TX, US

Peace is love, courage, faith and harmony,
By getting together we can have friendship, acceptance
and equality.
St. Clare of Assisi Primary School
Conder, Australia

Peace is being kind and loving one another
Peace is the way that we should live with each other
John T. Harland Discovery Center
Atlanta, GA, US

Nous, les enfants des pays en paix, demandons aux ennemis dans
les pays en guerre, d’arrêter de se battre;
nous vous invitons à goûter au bonheur et à la joie de vivre
Ecole élémentaire J.B. SCHWILGUE 1
Strasbourg, France

Peace doesn’t come from the head
Peace comes from the warmth of our hearts
International School of Geneva
Chambesy, Switzerland

There’s so much we could say, there’s so much we should do,
to make a peace all over the world, create love that’s true.
Tenetin koulu
Vuokatti, Finland

A world of justice—a world of love—
a world of peace: that’s all we need!
Holstebro, Denmark

love is love—the end
war is the end
Juhola School
Jarvenpaa, Finland

Worldly minds unite as branches of an olive tree
Roots curling deep into every nation
Royal Oak Dondero High School
Royal Oak, MI, US

Peace is the sharing of wisdom and kindness.
If we care and work together, we can make Peace happen.
Ferris Elementary School
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Peace is having no pain, crying, tears, or sorrow.
Peace is important because it causes happiness, sharing, and love.
King Middle Grade School
Kankakee, IL, US

Peace, is it a world without war?
Is it a world without theft, landmines and death? Yes!
Pine Grove Public School
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Peace is realizing equality in everyone.
Easy to understand but difficult to accomplish.
Troy Middle School
Shorewood, IL, US

Peace to me is happiness. Happiness is freedom from deep inside.
Inside freedom deep, deep inside is glory. What is peace without
these emotions?
The Oakridge School
Arlington, TX, US

Peace is like running water, starting as a small brook, it soon
becomes an ocean,
World peace is like a morning breeze, refreshing the world with
every blow.
St. Theresa’s School
Austin, TX, US

Smiling friends bring happy hearts,
Courageous hearts fill the air with peace, happiness, and love.
Holy Name Central Grade School
Escanaba, MI, US

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