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The Peace Poem 10

Peace: A world without fear,
Where talking solves our problems
United Nations International School, primary school
New York, NY, US

If you are broken-hearted under this sky,
I will share my peace with you.
International School of Amsterdam, secondary school
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If there were peace around the world
you would hear the sounds of joy and laughter from children
Sulzberger Middle School
Philadelphia, PA, US

Yet here we all are arguing with each other
Not knowing that she is your sister and he is your brother.
The Benjamin School
North Palm Beach, FL, US

Peace is families staying together.
It is not arguing or fighting.
Kingsbury School
Valier, MT, US

A place of love, a place of sharing, a place of uniting,
But most of all a place of peace. Our world.
Presentation College
Victoria, Australia

Harmonic unity,
the serenity of love.
Academic Magnet School, middle school level
North Charleston, SC, US

Peace is a word that brings harmony
to the fragile heart of a child.
Academic Magnet School, secondary school level
North Charleston, SC, US

From coast to coast and sea to sea
In times of peace what friends are we.
Bayshore Catholic School
Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Tranquility, harmony, hospitality, rapport
Let peace soar high above the clouds
St. John’s Episcopal School
Abilene, TX, US

The world should be like loving sister and brother,
Working together, and not against one another.
Smethport Area Elementary School
Smethport, PA, US

A slight breeze flowing through the hot summer air—
When you are hot and tired, a breeze may pass you there.
Wickford Elementary School
North Kingstown, RI, US

Peace should flow around the world.
Love should flow and hatred should go.
Infant Jesus Primary School
Perth, Australia

dark violent changes break hearts and bones
tranquil love breathes harmony, making the whole world
grow peacefully
Port Lincoln Special School
Port Lincoln, Australia

A world without Peace brings hatred and violence.
Yet Peace without boundaries can bring understanding, hope, and tolerance.
Liberty Jr. High School
Dallas, TX, US

Take a stand
keep peace in every land.
Delmar Elementary School
Delmar, MD, US

In order for people to have joy and mirth,
they have to accomplish peace on earth.
Winston Churchill School
Fairfield, NJ, US

Don’t use bombs.
Romulus Central School
Romulus, NY, US

Let peace take over the world.
Let peace walk on Earth one step at a time.
Richard Henry Lee Elementary School
Los Alamitos, CA, US

Peace is the Opposite of Violence
Violence is Something that Should Not Be
The Rugby School at Woodfield, secondary school level
Wall, NJ, US

People laughing, smiling, talking, sharing, caring, and helping
one another,
That is what we think of when someone says “peace”.
Sacred Heart Parish School
Red Bluff, CA, US

Boundaries of cultural hate and war, shall be around us no more.
Forever we shall be, together living in harmony.
Iraan Elementary School
Iraan, TX, US

We must learn to give and take
Practice love, forget the hate.
Sally Mauro Elementary
Helper, UT, US

Peace—a way of life,
a conversation in harmony.
Sageland Elementary MicroSociety School
El Paso, TX, US

Open the doors of the world
so that peace be welcome to our lives.
Escola Nova Lourenzo Castanho, elementary school
São Paulo, Brazil

Universal peace begins
with peace between you and me.
Escola Nova Lourenzo Castanho, middle school level
São Paulo, Brazil

Cuando se habla de paz enseguida pensamos en el fin de las guerras pero nunca paramos para pensar
Cómo es importante la paz social, la paz de la conciencia colectiva.
Escola Nova Lourenzo Castanho, secondary school level
São Paulo, Brazil

Peace comes from the heart
And grows with shared kindness
Fort Jones Elementary School
Fort Jones, CA, US

We need peace between people and animals too,
We also need peace with me and with you.
Wickford Elementary School
North Kingstown, RI, US

I am El Paso in the Chihuahua dessert.
I live in Peace, I am free.
Pebble Hills Elementary
El Paso, TX, US

Ne pas se détester, se respecter, ne pas voler, beaucoup s’aimer,
Ensemble jouer,voilà la paix...
Ecole élémentaire
Fortan, France

War is bad
Peace is good
Skive, Denmark

Let’s have peace for one whole day,
Helping the world in every way!
P.S. 279
Brooklyn, NY, US

Float, our dream of peace like a springtime breeze
To various nations over lands and seas.
Krasnoyarsk Regional Cosmonautic School
Zelenogorsk, Russian Federation

Peace is working with people,
not against people.
Wodonga Primary School
Victoria, Australia

Si ahora las flores pueden crecer en Auschwitz
Entonces la paz puede vivir en el hombre.
Saint Mary High School
Paducah, KY, US

Why must we brawl? Why must innocent people fall?
Hostility must cease in order to have world peace.
Conrad Weiser Sr./Jr. High
Robesonia, PA, US

Peace helps people around the world, peace is as delightful as a chocolate swirl.
We must try to prevent war, then love will be like a candy store.
Jan Celliers Primary School
Johannesburg, South Africa

When we win our struggle for peace,
Violence, crime and hate will cease.
Dake School
Rochester, NY, US

Peace is cool
So use it in school
Saint Mary Middle School
Paducah, KY, US

La paix est notre grande maison;
Elle est ouverte pour chaque personne.
School #72, primary school
Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation

La Paix ! c’est la partie de la vie
L’arc-en-ciel et jaune soleil
School #72, middle school
Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation

L’humanité défend la paix;
Et à la barre sera une amitié !
School #72, secondary school
Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation

Viens petite colombe, et va dans les mains de tous les enfants
du monde,
Pour qu’ils puissent sentir en toi la Paix de l’humanité
Ecole primaire Mont-Bleu
Hull, Québec, Canada

Peace is a friend, Peace is the world.
Give it a chance and it will be yours.
Ellendale Elementary School
Bartlett, TN, US

Il faut grandir et fleurir
Pour que l’amour soit pour toujours.
Ecole Gabrielle-Roy, élémentaire
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

God created us—not for violence and not for war
But for friendship, unity, sharing, love and peace.
Ecole Gabrielle-Roy, intermediaire
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Do you want to shut the door on harmony and happiness?
Then you really want to mess with me and everybody else.
Sandvik school
Bjornlunda, Sweden

Make love, not war; that’s what friends are for.
Throw away all the guns, and make peace at once.
Satravik School
Nykvarn, Sweden

Why is there war? Why are they dead?
Why is there a cry? Someone tell me why?
Alvsjo, Sweden

Peace is gentle, peace is kind.
That’s how I see it in my mind.
Holy Family Middle School
Grand Junction, CO, US

Peace begins in each man’s heart
We must all do our part.
Holy Family School, elementary level
Grand Junction, CO, US

Blooming gardens, grass and dew and a cloudless sky!
Rising sun, playing children, and a happy smile!
School #33, elementary level
Grodno, Belarus

Peace is friendship, peace is freedom, good relations, understanding.
It’s defending all the nations. It’s uniting all the people.
School #14, secondary level
Grodno, Belarus

Harmony, happiness, freedom, and health
Compromise, caring, respect for everyone else.
Oswayo Valley Elementary School
Shinglehouse, PA, US

Let Peace be like a flowing river
Flowing into the open hearts of humanity.
Banani International Secondary School
Lusaka, Zambia

Paz es tener amor en el mundo.
Be respectful and love each other.
Jefferson Elementary School
Lennox, CA, US

War is a very dreadful thing in Summer, Winter, Autumn
and Spring
When flowers grow and rainbows glisten I think and hope
for peace
Coromandel Valley Primary School
Coromandel Valley, Australia

Children glowing with rainbow laughter, singing songs around a campfire
happy & free even if you are out of tune. Peace always needs makers.
Superior Elementary School
Superior, CO, US

A world of trouble, trying to end
Like a world of happiness, wanting to begin.
Hot Springs Middle School
Hot Springs, AR, US

Peace is not about judging someone by the the color of his or her skin
or the difference of their religion. It’s about the content of their soul.
Coleman Elementary School
Glen Rock, NJ, US

Peace is something that should be treasured,
Because it has great value to everyone and everything.
Warrensburg Elementary School
Warrensburg, NY, US

The day has come, a truce is made.
The sign of war is beginning to fade.
Newington College
Stanmore, Australia

Every minute, every hour,
We have to change—we have the power.
Toorak College
Victoria, Australia

If peace is broken, love will shatter.
Fear will spread so what matter ?.
Jamesville DeWitt Middle School
Jamesville, NY, US

How many steps are walked ? We all walk the same steps.
How many lives are taken before there is global peace ?
Mount Lawley Senior High School
Mount Lawley, Australia

The peace that I experience from loving my neighbor,
brings with it
harmony as the fruit of my labor.
P.S. 11, The Katheryn Phelan School
Woodside, NY, US

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