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The UN in our daily lives
book cover The United Nations serves many people and purposes. The UN consists of different parts, called agencies, that each do different things. One agency might deal with questions related to refugees, another might try to help farmers improve their crops, and yet another makes sure no one steals your ideas.

On these pages you can learn what the United Nations and its agencies do. You'll read about fishers in Iceland, a young man from Afghanistan who is now living as a refugee in Pakistan, a mail carrier in Nepal and many more people for whom the UN is important. Maybe you'll think of ways in which the UN affects your daily life too.

Pick an agency and find out:

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) recently released a CD-ROM featuring three interactive games that allow students to learn interesting facts about the United Nations and the UNECE and to test their knowledge of sustainable development. Order your copy of the CD-ROM from the United Nations Publications Office.

Have fun!
Concept developed by Jean-Michel Jakobowicz
Illustrations by Martin Guhl

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