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 Getting Started

   How do I start my own club?

   How do I select a Model United Nations Conference?

    How do I register for a Model United Nations Conference?

   How do I select a country?

How to Register for a Model United Nations Conference

The Calendar of Model United Nations Conferences is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to select the conference best suited for your schedule, financial resources, and location.
  1. Select the dates and location of the Model U.N. conference(s) appropriate to your group's academic level and financial resources. Also, set goals on what you would like to (or can) achieve by going to what particular MUN conference.

  2. Write to the Secretary-General or contact person of the Model U.N. conference(s) to request registration forms, and if you wish, information about contacting a faculty advisor or student who attended the conference(s) the year before. Many conferences have Internet sites, which can provide a good look into the size and scope of a conference.

  3. Remember that many conferences are student-run. If you do not receive the information you requested within a reasonable period of time, a quick call can get things on track.

  4. Once you have received the registration forms, complete and return them with the requested information and fees. Your group will soon receive confirmation or notification of registration and a "country assignment" as well as background materials, the conference schedule, etc. Remember to keep a copy of all material and checks sent to the conference organizers.

  5. This whole process becomes easier when would-be participants can register on-line or download the registration forms. So check the web sites.

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