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Research Tips
Researching your topic
Researching the culture and background of your country
Researching your country's position on an assigned topic
  Other useful strategies

Other useful strategies
Q: Are there any useful strategies to organise my preparation?

A: Although the three areas of research compliment one another, you will find that the actual research will not always be clearly divided into these three categories. The research is often dictated by your personal schedule and the availability of information resources. Moreover, it is not always the case that assigned topics and countries will be announced at the same time.

On a more general note, when working as a team with other MUNers who have been assigned the same country, your group can share information and thus achieve a higher degree of preparation. In order to do this, each team member should know about the questions that other team members are researching so that each one can share valuable information that they may come across as they research their own topic. Problems can often be solved if you discuss them with other team members. Working together in this fashion will help your group to present your country in a coherent and convincing fashion during the Model UN.

Q: What else should I keep in mind when doing my research?

A: In order to adequately represent your nation during the conference, you will need to interact with delegates from other countries. Knowing their positions on your questions will help you predict their arguments during debate and decide in advance where it might be useful to seek cooperation and compromise. Foreknowledge can further help you prepare your position in advance and to gather more support for your own position.

Clearly it is not possible to be aware of every individual country's policies. However, the more positions you know in advance, the more you will be able to react quickly to different viewpoints during the debate. At the very least, you should be aware of viewpoints held by key countries on any issue.

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