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Model UN Headquarters

Overview of Model UN Resources

If you have never participated in a Model UN conference and would like to start a club in your school or community, we have provided help on how to get started, how to select a Model UN conference, register for a conference, and select a country.

If you need help preparing for a conference there are many resources available to help you:

1. Library -- If you have access to a library, that would be a good place to start. If you are near a big city or university, see if there is a library that has a special UN collection. Many UN collections at libraries and/or universities even have webpages with email contacts for queries.

2. Universities -- In addition to libraries, if you live near a university, find out if there is a resident professor who specializes in UN issues. If so, make an appointment to speak to the professor about the research you are doing.

3. Internet -- This is a widely used resource. Check our links to excellent web sites that can help you research topics and countries as well as our Research Tips on how best to use these resources. (Please note: our listings of sites are unofficial and the United Nations is not responsible for opinions expressed in electronic sources outside the UN.)

4. Other MUN participants -- In order to facilitate conversation between MUNers around the world we have created Interactive Forums where you can share information and ask questions of others with similar MUN interests. In addition, we have provided links to MUN clubs.

Don't forget that you are a member on a team. You can achieve a higher level of participation by sharing information with members of your team. Each team member should be aware of the questions that other team members are researching so that they can share information they may come across while they are researching their own topic. Problems can often be solved if you discuss them with other team members. Working together will help your team represent your country in a coherent and convincing manner.

5. MUN experts -- If you are really stuck and have exhausted other resources and still can't find what you need, we have provided you with a list of experts who might be able to help.

6. Model UN E-News -- Stay in touch with the Model UN community by subscribing to MUN eNEWS.

7. Other Model UN organizations -- Some organizations like the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) or the American Model United Nations (AMUN) have created wonderful resources to help prepare delegates for conferences. More information about these organizations can be found in our tips on preparing for a conference.

And don't forget us! We at Cyberschoolbus are always here to assist you in any way we can. Ask us a question, tell us how we can make this site better, or send us a message at cyberschoolbus@un.org. Be sure to visit often!

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