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Global Issues

Global Issues on the UN Agenda
From the UN homepage, a list of important subjects the UN deals with every day and links to corresponding departments, agencies, and divisions. Excellent resource.

Key UN Documents on Global Issues
A practical guide to official UN statements, reports, etc. on social and economic concerns, peace/security, humanitarian affairs, human rights, international law, etc.

NGOs and Global Issues
Links to non-governmental organizations that work with the UN, arranged by global issue.

Statements by the Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General on Global Issues
Searchable by date and topic. Available in audio, video, and transcript format.

United Nations Entities
Links to some of the best-known UN departments and agencies. Good source of information on a wide variety of global issues.

The Briefing Papers
Based on "We the Peoples: the role of the United Nations in the 21st century," the Secretary-General's Millennium Report. Each Briefing Paper is a dossier of information about a current world issue and the UN's involvement with it.

Global Policy Forum
Monitors global policy-making at the United Nations. Reform, NGO's, Member States, UN Finance, ECOSOC, Security Council.

Dag Hammerskjöld Library Research Guide
The main library of the UN, where special research guides on human rights, international law, and peacekeeping can be found.

The International Criminal Police Organization. For tackling tough problems like human trafficking, stolen art, drugs, terrorism, etc. Ancillary, but fascinating.

WRI: World Resources Institute
Foundation committed to influencing worldwide policy on the environment. Great resource for a wide range of environmental issues.

Carter Center
Named after former US President Jimmy Carter. Dedicated to human rights and "the alleviation of suffering". Short descriptions available on its health and peace programs around the world.

United Nations Scholars' Workstation of Yale University
The United Nations Scholars' Workstation, developed by the Yale
University Library and the Social Science Statistical Laboratory, provides basic internet resources on the UN, databases, reports, comprehensive links to international organizations, information organized by research topic and geographic location, etc.

Youth at the United Nations
From the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Official documents about the UN and youth, statistics, Q&A, profiles of national youth policies in all countries, links, and more.

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