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Media coverage of those protesting the international meetings of the WTO (World Trade Organization) did occasionally present the perspectives of Indigenous Peoples. However, such perspectives are usually excluded from mainstream news coverage.


On the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, why not create your own alternative media coverage of events that affect Indigenous Peoples?



Rigoberta Menchú
Making the News

Making the News

The International Day of the World's Indigenous People was created to raise awareness about the rights and concerns of over 300 million Indigenous People worldwide. Every day, international and local events affect the lives of Indigenous Peoples.

Have you ever considered, for instance, how the filming of a movie might disturb a local indigenous group? Or on a global level, how an international meeting to discuss the world's climate might have an impact on the ecosystems of Indigenous Peoples?

Create an event celebrating the International Day of the world's Indigenous Peoples. This event could take place at your school, a local community center, or at the home of a local organization. Gather interested people to help you plan and organize the event.

1. Once you have decided on the theme and location of your event, invite your guests. Include leaders in your school and community. If there is an organization or agency that works with local Indigenous Peoples, invite them to speak.

2. Make sure representatives of the media are also on your guest list. Let your local news channel know about your event. Invite town politicians to celebrate. Send an invitation to your town newspaper to cover your event. Contact your favorite radio stations about the International Day you are planning to celebrate.

3. Enjoy your celebration! And at the same time, educate others on the important issues facing the world's Indigenous Peoples. August 9 is a day to remember that all peoples have the right to claim their own distinct cultural identity with pride.

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