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If you are inspired by the art of the Navajo people, why not let your friends and classmates benefit from your perspective? Appreciating the music, dance, film, drama, fine arts, crafts, and literature of indigenous peoples around the world is an important step in the struggle for autonomy and self-determination that many cultural groups face today.

art exhibit
These students are looking at a wall sculpture in African art exhibition.
UNESCO photo: Dominique Roger



Navajo Art
Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

Recognition and Respect
All peoples deserve recognition for their works of creativity and beauty. Too often, in the past, the artwork of Indigenous Peoples has been stolen or disrespected by outsiders. All artists have a right to their art.

Show and Tell
1. Find a time and place to bring diverse artists together and share their work. Include all kinds of artwork such as painting, drawing, weaving, jewelry-making, poetry, storytelling, film, and dance.

2. In honor of the International Day of the world's Indigenous Peoples, find out more about the arts and culture of different groups.

3. If you know of local indigenous artists, contact them to see if they would like to show their work at your exhibition.

4. Publicize your art exhibition and celebrate the International Day by making and showing diverse expressions of creativity.

After the Fact
Provide an opportunity for viewers of the exhibition to reflect on the cultural roots or influences in the artwork. Host a discussion of these ideas or other topics of interest. Possible topics include:
  • Cultural influences in art
  • Social and political functions of art and literature
  • Spiritual aspects of artwork
  • Art as an act of resistance and cultural survival

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