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Learning Activities for Use With Young People to Explore the Issue of Discrimination
By Amnesty International, London, 1998

Learning Activities about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
By Amnesty International London, 1997.

Teaching Tolerance
The Southern Poverty Law Center offers a magazine and a classroom series aimed at fostering respect and equality in the classroom. Many low-cost and free resources.

The Museum of Tolerance's Online Multimedia Learning Center Teacher Resources
Sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Museum of Tolerance (www.wiesenthal.com) teaches about the Holocaust. With curricular resources for teachers and materials resources for librarians, this is an important site to look at. Includes important features like "Coming to Grips with Teaching About the Holocaust", bibliographies, articles, and a timeline.

Peace Corps' "World Wise Schools"
An "innovative global education program that seeks to engage US Students in an inquiry about the world, themselves, and others", but equally useful for non-US teachers and students.

The Challenge of Human Rights and Cultural Diversity

by the UN's Department of Public Information.
Close the Book on Hate, an initiative of the Anti-Defamation League
The Prejudice Book By David Shiman (JSA) 176 Pages 3-Hole Punched, Shrinkwrap
Use this invaluable sourcebook to teach teenagers about prejudice and discrimination. An outstanding two-pronged approach raises studentís awareness and understanding of prejudices and how it affects our society through thirty-five classroom activities. The second focus of this sourcebook is a Teacherís Self-Examination Questionnaire aimed at helping them reflect on their own instructional behavior. $19.95. Order online. Highly recommended.

The Association for Childhood Education International's Educators Healing Racism

This book addresses the topic of racism from the teacher's perspective and proposes strategies for combating it through teacher education programs and in classrooms. It differs from the traditional way of addressing multicultural education and strategies for teaching about other cultures. The authors deal directly with the problem of racism, a topic that is both controversial and explosive.

The intention of this book is not to assign blame to anyone, but to stimulate a dialogue among educational professionals about how the healing of racism can begin through teacher education programs and, as a result, through new classroom teachers. This book examines the social, political, and psychological perspectives of racism and enables the reader to better understand how racism has torn at the very fabric of society. (A joint publication of the Association of Teacher Educators and ACEI.) Nancy L. Quisenberry and D. John McIntyre, Editors. 1999. 160 pp. ISBN 0-87173-147-9
No. 1990 $27.50 ($18 ACEI members)


An informational site providing articles and resources for anti-racism supporters.

Becoming Involved

Artists Against Racism lists ways students, teachers, businesses and others can become involved in the crusade to end racism.

Community Dialogue on Racism
This non-profit Canadian organization "actively challenges racism and works to develop cross cultural understanding and ethnocultural equality." Includes useful information on hate crimes and what you can do to fight racism.

Promoting "reconciliation and unity among the races," this stylish site provides resources, events listings, history and a bulletin board for those who wish to fight racism.

ERASE [Expose Racism & Advance School Excellence] is "a multi-faceted initiative to expose, document and
challenge racism in public education." Their site offers reports, resources for journalists, students and teachers, a quiz section and a summary of the initiative.

Racism Watch Desk
FAIR, a national media watch group, presents an excellent resource of articles and information dealing with the media's misrepresentation of people of color.

Recovering Racists Network

An interesting approach to combating the problem, this site offers a useful bibliography of relevant literature.

Say No to Racism
Question and answer format page that addresses racism basics and the effects of racial discrimination.

Diversity Training
California Newsreel provides a wonderful collection of videos on diversity training, student life, faculty development and related issues. Easy to navigate.

The Diversity Training Group *Best of the Net*
This organization serves clients including NASA, Johns Hopkins University and The Baltimore Sun. Don't miss their excellent collection of articles on diversity training.

Diversity Training University International
For those interested in becoming diversity trainers, this site contains diversity training resources including a free training course and free lessons emailed to you daily.

The Network of Alliances Bridging Race and Ethnicity (NABRE)
The NABRE web site includes a directory of member organizations, resources for racial healing, and "Lessons Learned". Special section for young people, called "Youth NABRE".

Center for Living Democracy
The Center for Living Democracy offers resources to help people become involved in community and social change. The site includes a Learning Tools Catalog and a section on Educating for Democracy, to help create a school culture and courses that bring democracy to life. The Center emphasizes interracial dialogue and collaborative work in each of its programs and through its resources as well as a listserv on how to bridge the racial divide.

Racism. No Way.
This Australian website for schools helps teachers and students understand and recognize racism. It features a timeline with key dates in Australia's development as a culturally diverse nation, lesson ideas, fact sheets, and news.

Enabling Education Network Coordinator
EENET has been set up to establish an information-sharing network aimed at supporting and promoting the inclusion of marginalised groups in education world wide.

I CARE -- Internet Centre Anti-Racism Europe
A partnership between United for Intercultural Action and the Magenta Foundation, I CARE was founded to combat racism and to promote anti-racism on the Internet. Databases, networks, news, listservs, and preparation for the World Conference Against Racism at the UN, August-September 2001.

Based in the Netherlands, UNITED for Intercultural Action is a not-for-profit network European network of over 500 organizations against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. In English, German, and French, and on the Magenta Foundation website, Dutch.

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism
CARF is Britain's only independent anti-racist magazine, documenting resistance against racism - from black and refugee organisations, monitoring groups, anti-deportation campaigns, football fan incidents, etc.

A volunteer-run, left-leaning site which serves as a "people of color portal", Saxakali has excellent news, links organized by world region, and articles. Their motto is "Connecting Communities Thru' Online Education & Networking". Hopeful, youthful, and thorough.

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