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ABC:Teaching Human Rights
Practical activites for primary and secondary schools

Basic information for teachers in primary and secondary schools who want to foster awareness and knowledge of human rights and the sense of reciprocity and universality upon which it is based and some practical activities.
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E. 90.I.5 | 92-1-100430-6 | 56pp. | $5.00

Human Rights: Questions and Answers
by Leah Levin, illustrated by Plantu
The new edition of Human Rights: Questions and Answers, first published in 1981 and translated into many languages, has been substantially redrafted and updated and takes into account recent developments in the field of human rights. It provides basic information on major human rights instruments, procedures for their implementation and activites of international organizationsin order to promote and protect human rights. The publication represents a contribution of the Plan of Action for the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education (1995-2004).
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ISBN 92-3-103261-5 | 147pp. | $16.00

Manual for Human Rights Education
An educational manual on concepts in human rights, with a review of most of the articles. For primary and secondary levels.
UNESCO, Section for Humanistic, Cultural and International Education

Portraits in Courage: Teachers in Difficult Circumstances
Recounts the trials and working conditions of ten teachers from different parts of the world who, despite extreme poverty, armed conflict and lack of teaching aids, give children an education.
UNESCO and Education International
Contact t.murtagh@unesco or educint@infoboard.be

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Teaching About... Human Rights
From a series of educational videos and teaching manuals on topics of international concern is designed to help teachers and students to understand the global issues facing the international community and appreciate the work that is being undertaken by the United Nations to deal with them. It is intended to supplement the valuable educational material relating to the United Nations developed over the years by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and other international and non-governmental organizations.
E. 91.I.38 | 92-1-100459-4 | 34pp. | n/a

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Poster
One of a series of engaging posters by artist Octavio Roth. The poster colourfully displays one of the key issues of the Declaration. Ideal for classrooms the world over. Text reads: "All people are born free. All people are born equal and so have equal rights. People can think for themselves and understand what is going on around them. Everyone should act as brothers and sisters."
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E. 90.I.20 | POSTER | n/a | $5.95

School Kits on the United Nations
Introduce your students to the United Nations and its work through the School Kits on the United Nations. Prepared for teachers by teachers, the kits are comprised of a selection of items specially prepared for three different levels: primary, intermediate and secondary.
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Primary School Kit: E. 95.I.35 | 92-1-100587-6 | $3.95
Intermediate School Kit: E. 95.I.36 | 92-1-100588-4 | $3.95
Secondary School Kit: E. 95.I.37 | 92-1-100589-2 | $3.95

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