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Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow

Unit 6: City Solutions:
A Healthy Urban Future

Objectives Summary Text Activities

Don't forget this week's ‘Ideal City’ activity.
  1. How would you define a healthy city? You can use the text as a guideline but try thinking about what you would expect from a healthy city.

  2. What does it mean to provide basic services to all citizens?

  3. What are some ways in which a community can get involved in improving an urban neighborhood? Are there any examples of this in your neighborhood or city?

  4. What could you or your school do to get involved in improving your neighborhood? Are there any local organizations you can work with? How about the municipality?

  5. Pick one of the examples under "City Solutions" in the text. Imagine the life of a person who lives in that city. Describe how their life might have been changed by the improvements mentioned in the example.

Objectives Summary Text Activities
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