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Unit 4: What Makes Cities Grow?
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Some definitions of poverty
Poverty implies deprivation, or human needs that are not met. There are a variety of ways to define urban poverty, each having its own strengths and weaknesses:
  1. Income-based definitions: This approach claims that there is a specific level of income below which a family is unable to provide its basic needs for itself.
  2. Basic needs approach: Rather than being based on an income level, this definition looks at what a household needs in order to live in acceptable conditions. This approach takes into consideration such things as the quality of the dwelling place, the degree of crowding, nutrition, and water supply.
  3. Housing poverty: The Global Report on Human Settlements, a document produced for the Habitat II conference has preferred to use the term "housing-poverty". This refers to households that lack safe, secure and healthy shelter with basic infrastructure such as piped water and adequate provision for sanitation, drainage and the removal of household wastes.
Most of the available data on the extent of poverty is on "income-poverty".


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