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Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow

Unit 4: What Makes Cities Grow?
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Don't forget this week's ‘Ideal City’ activity.
  1. What is the population of your city? Can you find out whether your city has grown or shrunk in recent years? Can you give some reasons as to why it is doing so?

  2. Define "natural increase". Does natural increase always lead to urban growth? What other factors play a role?

  3. What kinds of economies are the world's largest cities to be found? What is the link between the economy and urban growth?

  4. Discuss the various forms of migration that affect urban growth. Which kind is affecting your city?

  5. Describe why you'd want to live in your city. Or, alternately, why you'd want to leave your city.

  6. What are some of the different forms of poverty. Describe an urban household that might be defined as living in poverty in your city. What would they have and what would they not have? How do you think the conditions that lead to their poverty could be improved?

  7. Do you think extreme urban poverty can ever be eliminated?

Objectives Summary Text Activities
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