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This activity can be done as an extension of question 4 in Unit 5.

Now your “Planning Table” is complete. This is your main guide. Everything that is checked off in column 5 should be considered a BASIC NEED.

From Activity 2, you also have a site and situation in place.

In short, you are ready to begin planning your city. But where do you begin? You need some goals to reach for and you must be aware of some pitfalls to avoid. Luckily, cities already exist and we can learn much from them. And luckily, you already have two columns of “positive” and “negative” things about cities.

Now use these two columns, and all that you have learned through this course of study, to draw up a set of goals -- stating what you want your ideal city to achieve. For example, your goals could read something like this:
“This Ideal City will provide safe drinking water to ALL its inhabitants....This Ideal City will reduce air pollution...”
These are only suggestions. You can come up with your own goals and your own solutions. This set of goals will give you direction, it will act as your compass.

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