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Pictures of Peace

School Friends, Quinton White, Atlanta, GA, USA     Family, Inka Jankovicova, Bratisolva, Slovak Republic     Tank of Peace, Paula Soares da Silva, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil     The Bridge in Suzdal, Valentina Strelkova, Surgut, Russia     People, Shinida Butler, Atlanta, GA, USA     Friends, Shinida Butler, Atlanta, GA, USA     Farmlife, Relka Von Schalkayk, Windhooek, Namibia     Av. Atlantica, Anderson Tavares de Silva, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil     Village Woman, Tulika Gupta, Jamshedpur, India     People Around the World, Sidik Abuba Kari, Atlanta, GA, USA     My City, Tanja Voskoboinikova, St. Petersburg, Russia     Two Ladies & a Flute Player, Shruti Mishra, Jamshedpur, India     Welcome to Hungary, Timea Karman, Budapest, Hungary     Jumping Rope, Prince Phala, Johannesburg, South Africa     Leopard, Olivia Walton, Windhock, Namibia     Drowsy, Nay Alar, Johannesburg, South Africa     Inspirace, Midrot Jaceloder, Krakow, Poland     Nane Annan, United Nations    
Just click on the thumbnail and you will get a high-resolution image. Be aware that these images may take some time to download.

Special thanks to the Youth Art Connection, a program of the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta.


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