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Tarik Faruk Kale
18 years old

13 years in Denmark

Even though I have played around with the thought of going back to Turkey, I count on staying in Denmark. I am attending Svendborg Business School. Education is important and I hope to get an internship with a bank when I graduate. I havenít really had any problems because of my looks. I might get more attention than my Danish friends, but it isnít necessarily negative. I believe the impression other people have of you is mainly your own responsibility. I think the Danes are more focused on material wealth than we are, whereas family ties are more important to me. I might be more strict and protective towards my children than the Danes are, especially concerning my daughters, but my views on sex roles are more Danish than Kurdish. It is also my responsibility to cook and look after the children, but the family will always come first. One should stand by it and be proud of it.

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