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Mette Steenholdt
24 years old

7 months in Denmark

I do not know how long Iíll stay in Denmark, but one thing is for sure, my future lies in Greenland. At the moment Iím attending business school, and since I used to work as a stewardess on Greenland Airís domestic flights, I hope to work with them again when they start flying their Atlantic route. I spend a lot of time writing. Especially now when I am far away from my family, it has become my favourite way of expressing myself. I write both poetry and letters to the editor, since Iím very interested in the society I am a part of. Generally the Danes are more reserved than the Greenlanders. I am used to more openness both amongst ourselves and towards strangers, as well as closer knit families, which I miss here in Denmark. The Danes have met me with a positive attitude, and often theyíve been surprised to find that I come from a mixed background. But even though it is meant as such, I donít take it as a compliment when people tell me that I donít seem like a Greenlander to them. Iím a bit tired of peoples prejudices against Greenlanders. For example, the idea that all we do is hang out on the street corner begging for small change for the next bottle of beer. Iím proud of my Greenlandic background and would like to share my knowledge of the beautiful sides of the Greenlandic culture with other people.

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