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Giselle Ngo Nouck
18 years old

1 year in Denmark

My mom is married to a Dane, and since her and my siblings live here, I also hope to stay in Denmark. Iím attending the first level at language school. I like to cook and want to train as a kitchen assistant later. I think the Danes have been kind to me. People stare at me and occasionally people shouting names at me on the street, but most often Iíve been met with a positive curiosity. I suppose we are more extroverted and open than the Danes, and close family ties mean more to us. I value being with my family and think it is only natural to live with older members of the family. I think it is really great that there are more people to help out with the domestic chores and look after the little ones, instead of paying strangers to take care of them.

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