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Ditte Sacha Bruselius
23 years old

18 years in Denmark

Iím adopted and have no family in India. Since I have no direct relation to India I wish to stay in Denmark. I work as an assistant teacher at Haahrs School. Due to my early childhood at an orphanage I learnt to care for other people and would like to continue working with people. I am applying to attend teaching college in a year or two. I sometimes feel people resent me because of my exotic looks, and am saddened when people shout after me on the street. But usually they accept me when they find out that I am adopted. I would like to ask the Danes to remember that, first and foremost, people from other cultures are human beings, no matter what they look like. Forget the prejudices and give us a chance; you might find a sweet person behind the strange look.

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