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Natasha Neumeier,
age 18, South Africa

Rachna Gypta,
age 14, India

Marta Kaczmareziki,
age 13, Poland

Dennis Bezmenlnitsin,
age 12, Russia

Ashley Rodriguez,
age 8, USA

Shaun Aspiral,
age 11, England

Dennis Bezmenlnitsin,
age 12, Russia

Francisco Ruiz,
age 6, Mexico

Jasmine Miller,
age 7, USA

Timea Karman,
age 13, Hungary

Costin Hrubaru,
age 12, Romania

Ben Chapman,
age 17, England

Alice Liao,
age 13, South Africa

Litha Yianoukidi,age 6
& Katerina Kalamboya, age 7
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Special thanks to the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta International Paint Pals. You can contact them at paintpals@aol.com.


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