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Human Needs

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What are basic human needs? What do you need to survive? What do you need to be healthy and happy?

Children around the world have diverse ideas and interests. Do you like the same things as your neighbor? With so many different languages, styles of clothing, games, music, and foods in the world, it is sometimes difficult to remember that we all belong to one human family. But it's true. As human beings, we share common basic needs; no one can survive and thrive without food and care.

Many Children, One Family
In the activity Many Children, One Family, find out more about the diverse foods enjoyed by people around the world.

Take Action:

On World Food Day, young people around the world speak out about food and hunger. Because we all need food to survive and thrive, take a day to learn about food and nutrition in your own life.

w At home, learn more about the foods you eat. Where do they come from? How are they made? What nutrients do they provide? Plan a meal with your family and share with them what you have learned about food and nutrition.

w Join with classmates to plan and build a vegetable garden. Bring your crops to a local farmers market. Donate the extra vegetables you grow to help feed hungry people in your community. Or start a small cooperative, where classmates can share the work of tending the garden and also share the rewards!

w Organize a festival or an art show to teach others about food and nutrition. Ask your teachers for help in planning your event and let everyone know that October 16 is World Food Day.

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