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Why Womenís Day?

How It Happened

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Teacherís Notes
International Women's Day, March 8, 1997

This folder is intended to help teachers make the best use of the materials offered as part of the "Days of the Year" project. Please note that March 8 is a Saturday.

The Basic Plan
  1. The site will open on February 27, 1997, exactly ten days before Womenís Day.
  2. The focus of this yearís program is "Women, Peace and Politics".
  3. Teachers and students are recommended to use "The Issues" section of the site in order to prepare for the Question and Answer with UN women. The Q&A will be on "Women, Peace and Politics".
  4. Questions are to be e-mailed by March 6, 1997 to globalteach_in@un.org. For more details on how the Q&A session will work, please refer to the Special Event folder.
Subjects and levels
  1. Most of the information and activities are designed for students 11-16 years of age. However, much of the information is useful to both younger and older students. "To Be Born a Girl" is a good introduction for grades 4-7.
  2. The subjects appropriate for the event are: Social Studies, Language Arts, Art, Geography, History, Civics, Government and Current Affairs
What to do with the resources on this site
  1. Decide how many sessions/classes you want to dedicate to this topic. Each section of the site can be a full class activity.
  2. If you only plan one or two classes, it is recommended that you only work on this year's topic, "Women, Peace and Politics".
  3. Each section can be taught or used independently. They can all be used at a later date as this site, including the Question and Answer session, will be archived.
  4. At the end of each section there is a link to activities suggested for that particular section. For questions in "The Issues" section, suggested answers are included under the heading "Suggestions". Hints are also provided to make the questions easier if necessary or to add an extra dimension to the activities.
  5. The sections:
    • The sections entitled "Why Women's Day?" and "How It Happened" are background materials. However, there are suggested activities and discussion questions attached to each.
    • The most important information is contained in "The Issues" section. Go through the information and activities and choose the one(s) most appropriate for your class. It is suggested that the class concentrate on the topic "Peace and Politics".
    • "To be Born a Girl" is a 'stand-alone' teaching unit, and part of the Intermediate School Kit on the United Nations. It introduces the notion of 'discrimination' and presents a simple overview of the issues facing women. It serves as a good introduction and should be used for younger students.
    • Use the Women's Links page for other resources.
Other Suggestions
  1. All the information pages can be printed and photocopied as resources for students. They can serve as background materials or be used in other contexts
  2. During the week leading up to March 8, you can organize a special event. This can be a a debate or a presentation based on some of the issues raised on this site.
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