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World Environment Day'97

Students Take Action

Did You Know..
Students Take Action
School children in Sweden have bought and preserved 65,000 hectares (approximately 160,000 acres) of forest in Costa Rica with money they earned by recycling paper and cans. Young Costa Ricans, in turn, have built in the heart of a forest a new center to train themselves in conservation.

At a school in New Jersey, USA, students protested against plastic trays being used in their cafeteria. They demanded trays made from recycled paper which causes less damage to the environment than plastic. They even petitioned the Board of Education. As a result of their campaign, plastic trays were eliminated not only from the school but also from their town. In East Kalimanthan, Indonesia, local scouts replanted a 1,200-acre forest that was destroyed in a fire. They raised money to buy seedlings. Experts sent by the Government advised them on what and where to plant, and how to care for the young trees. Today, East Kalimanthan has a new forest, thanks to the efforts of the young scouts.

At a school in Lamorde, Niger, children grow their own rice and millet in the rainy season and vegetables in the dry season. They do all the work themselves: clearing, planting, transplanting, weeding and harvesting. Their success has inspired students in 80 other schools all over the country to start their own gardens.

Everyone can help to save our resources by recycling. Recycling means reusing things. In many countries, recycling is a daily habit. Used books and toys are given to others. Old clothes are used as rags for cleaning. Plastic pots store seeds. Old newspapers make paper containers. Even nature recycles. When plants and animals die, they fertilize the soil or, after many centuries, become coal and oil.

In many countries, recycling is done routinely. New paper is made from old ones. If you recycle one ton of paper, you can save 17 trees. Cans are crushed and melted to make steel for cars. If there are recycling centers nearby, collect used items and take them there. You can even organize your class to do so.

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