Secondary School Kit on the United Nations: A Web Adaptation

Unit 15: Cleaner Oceans
International Maritime Organization (IMO)

How much garbage?

In April 1989 a group of Scouts and Guides began to clear an 8.2 km stretch of beaches in Attica near Athens, Greece. The operation was organized by a non-governmental organization called the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association. In one day they collected 559 cubic metres of rubbish consisting of:

Plastics 34.9%
Paper 19.0%
Wood 18.4%
Soda cans and metal objects 17.8%
Glass 7.4%
Rags 2.5%
  1. Draw a bar graph to show the types of rubbish that were collected from the beaches in Attica, Greece. For each type of rubbish calculate how many cubic metres were collected.
  2. Choose an area near your school and carry out the same activity as the scouts in Attica. Tabulate your results.
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