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The following campaigns took place during the course of this project, between October 1997 and June 1998. Parts of these can still be used by schools that want to conduct their own independent campaigns.

Mine Awareness and Fundraising
The first step towards a total ban on landmines is getting the word out. Schools can start their own Mine Awareness campaigns to inform and educate their local communities about the scourge of landmines.

Over the course of this project, a number of schools raised funds in order to help demine areas around schools in mine-infested countries. A land mine that brings a vendor $3 in revenue, costs the international community between $300 and $1,000 to clear. This is where schools have helped schoolchildren whose lives are threatened by landmines: using a wide variety of approaches, a number of schools around the world collected funds that are to go directly to demining activities in Afghanistan and Mozambique. As the project progressed, schools also corresponded by e-mail with deminers and children in these two countries.

All materials on this site can be used by schools in their Mine Awareness campaigns.

The Banner Campaign
During the 2 December Ottawa conference, at which over 100 countries signed a treaty banning landmines, we mobilized the World Wide Web in support of a total ban on landmines! The UN CyberSchoolBus designed a Total Ban Banner similar to the ad banners you see on the Web. Some of the world's major web-sites, including Yahoo!, America On Line, Prodigy, Infoseek, Lycos and Alta Vista, along with a wide range of school and personal web-sites carried the banner. In all, this generated about 2 million impressions (exposures of the banner) in less than a week.

The campaign goes on. Click here to find out how you can help spread the word and post the banner on your web page too.



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