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Business to Play a Key Role on Carbon Pricing

By George Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact.

This post originally appeared in the Huffington Post.

A price on carbon that reflects the toll that fossil fuels are taking on the planet and its inhabitants is probably the most salient step that can be taken to […]

25 September 2014|

Ban: ‘This is our chance’

On Monday, before leaving the Pacific island of Samoa, my wife and I had the honour of sailing on board the Hōkūle’a Worldwide Voyage. Guided by traditional island wisdom, this group of Polynesian navigators are on a three-year canoe trip around the world using only […]

4 September 2014|

Now Is the Time to Act on Climate Change

2 September — Climate change has been one of my top priorities since the day I took office in 2007. I said then that if we care about our legacy for succeeding generations, this is the time for decisive global action. I have been pleased […]

2 September 2014|

Join the Climate Race to the Top by Ban Ki-moon

This post originally appeared in Mr. Ban’s profile on LinkedIn.

09 May, 2014 – Climate change is already happening — that is the message from the newly released US Climate Assessment report. This report come close on the heels of the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change […]

9 May 2014|

Climate change affects us all. So what’s stopping us joining forces to act on it? By Ban Ki-moon

This post originally appeared in the Guardian.

06 May 2014 – Three decades from now the world is going to be a very different place. How it looks will depend on actions we take today. We have big decisions to make and little time to make […]

6 May 2014|

Shining a Light on Transformational Climate Action – UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres

One of the questions I struggle with on a daily basis as Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC is this: how can we scale up and speed up the transformational change needed to tackle climate change?

By “we” I mean all of us. And by “transformational” I […]

31 March 2014|

Big Idea 2014: The Year for Climate Action by Ban Ki-moon

This post is part of a series in which LinkedIn Influencers pick one big idea that will shape 2014.

10 December 2013 – My big idea is not new. Nor is it, in the larger sense, mine. But it is an idea that will be one […]

10 December 2013|