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The Economic Case for Climate Action

How can countries strengthen their economic performance while tackling the challenges posed by climate change? This question lies at the heart of efforts to mobilize the resources and will needed for ambitious climate action.

Recent years have witnessed the most serious global economic crisis since the […]

26 August 2014|

Climate, Health and Jobs

Climate change threatens the foundations of human wellbeing: clean air, secure and safe food and water, protection from disasters, and freedom from disease. The good news is that many of the actions necessary to mitigate and adapt to climate change have significant and immediate co-benefits […]

26 August 2014|

Climate Science

Throughout human history, the climate has influenced the development of societies and shaped the natural systems they depend on. Today, we observe unprecedented changes in the climate system caused by greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and other human activities, making […]

26 August 2014|

Video on renowned photographer Salgado supports Climate Summit

A glacier lording over the ocean, its icy parapets melding with the clouds; an island so small that it can hold no more than a few dozen trees; an elephant framed by sunlight in the brush; a penguin leaping into the ocean from an […]

22 August 2014|

Hundreds of applicants from civil society seek a place at the Climate Summit

22 August–By the time the August 15 deadline passed, 544 people from 115 countries had been nominated to attend next month’s Climate Summit at the UN, and now it is up to a civil society selection committee to begin deciding who gets to fill the […]

22 August 2014|

Secretary-General assembles High-level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport

11 August--The UN Secretary-General has announced the members of an advisory group that is charged with promoting sustainable transport systems to further growth and development while protecting the environment and limiting the impact on climate change.

11 August 2014|

UN searching for passionate climate advocates to attend Climate Summit

The United Nations is casting a wide net to find dozens of people from around the world who feel passionately about the impact of climate change, have translated that passion into action and would like to attend next month’s Climate Summit at the UN.

8 August 2014|