What does Korean pop star and social activist Seung Chul Lee plan to do in the face of climate change?

“I better sell my car and get a bike!” he said in an interview between songs Wednesday at the opening to the 65th Annual UN DPI-NGO Conference at UN Headquarters.

Dressed in a shiny, red suit and gold, high-top sneakers, the 47-year-old musician serenaded the thousands of representatives of civil society and NGO groups who traveled to New York from across the globe.

Their goal: to develop an action agenda to update the Millennium Development Goals and define new sustainable development goals for the period after 2015. The Goals, along with the need for climate action, are the key issues under discussion at the Conference.

In an interview carried out in Korean, Lee spoke about the role that social activism has played and continues to play in his music career and why he focuses his efforts on helping people in less-privileged areas.

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Lee said he is currently working on a project that aims to build 100 schools in Africa in the next 10 years. “I am very interested in the African region in particular, and poverty eradication and education policy are a few of the issues that I feel very passionate about.”

“2015 will mark the 30th year of my debut as a singer. Getting the most hit songs is important. But I think it is far more important to be the light for coming generations. Although music is a significant part of my career, getting ahead in social areas and serving as an inspiration for the younger generation have been crucial motivating factors for me.”