UN Climate Summit 2014

Climate change is not a far-off problem. It is happening now and is having very real consequences on people’s lives. Climate change is disrupting national economies, costing us dearly today and even more tomorrow.  But there is a growing recognition that affordable, scalable solutions are available now that will enable us all to leapfrog to cleaner, more resilient economies.

There is a sense that change is in the air. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited world leaders, from government, finance, business, and civil society to Climate Summit 2014 this 23 September to galvanize and catalyze climate action.  He has asked these leaders to bring bold announcements and actions to the Summit that will reduce emissions, strengthen climate resilience, and mobilize political will for a meaningful legal agreement in 2015. Climate Summit 2014 provides a unique opportunity for leaders to champion an ambitious vision, anchored in action that will enable a meaningful global agreement in 2015.

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Everyone can step up and take climate action. Visit the UN Climate Summit site to find out how. #climate2014

UN Climate Summit 2014 - Catalyzing Action

Latest News

After the Summit, planners look toward Lima, then Paris

A day after scores of world leaders attending the United Nations Climate Summit announced actions intended to the avert the worst effects of climate change, the planners announced further ambitious goals.

“The tone shifted yesterday, but the question is where do we go from here?” said Robert Orr, Assistant Secretary-General for […]

Historic Climate Summit Opens New Chapter in Global Efforts to Tackle Climate Change

New York, 23 September – New commitments, new ideas, and new financing for significant actions to address the challenge of climate change dominated the announcements made by more than 100 Heads of State and Government and leaders from the private sector and civil society at the Climate Summit hosted Tuesday […]

2014 Climate Change Summary – Chair’s Summary

The purpose of the 2014 Climate Summit was to raise political momentum for a meaningful universal climate agreement in Paris in 2015 and to galvanize transformative action in all countries to reduce emissions and build resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change.

I asked leaders from government, business, finance and […]

WATCH: Marshallese poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner speaking at the Climate Summit

Marshallese poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner spoke on behalf of civil society during the opening ceremony of the UN Climate Summit in New York City. Check out this high-quality version of Kathy’s poem with footage of climate action around the world.

Kathy, 26, is a co-founder of an environmental NGO and a teacher. She […]

WATCH: Leonardo DiCaprio says end “free ride” for industrial polluters

American actor Leonardo DiCaprio has called on world leaders to end what he called “the free ride” that industrial polluters have been given in the name of a free market economy.

The newly appointed UN Messenger for Peace, with a special focus on climate change issues, spoke at the Climate […]

Oil, gas industry launches ‘immediate-impact’ plan to slash global warming emissions

23 September 2014 – Multinational oil and gas companies, major producing States and over two dozen cities today joined forces to slash methane emissions in a partnership that can have an immediate impact in reducing global warming as part of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s strategy to tackle climate […]

Climate Summit Opening Film – Make A World of Difference

Presented to world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, this short inspirational film shows that climate change is solvable. We have the technology to harness nature sustainably for a clean, prosperous energy future, but only if we act now. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, it calls on the people of the world to insist leaders get on the path of a livable climate and future for humankind.

At summit, UN agencies pledge action to curb climate change

23 September 2014 – Joining the chorus of Government, businesses, civil society and indigenous leaders at today’s landmark Climate Summit at Headquarters, United Nations agencies pledged action to help curb the effects of climate change and transition towards a sustainable world economy.

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) today announced a […]

Leaders at UN summit take steps to ensure food security for 9 billion people by 2050

23 September 2014 – With demand for food set to increase 60 per cent by 2050, world leaders, major corporations and civil society at the United Nations Climate Summit today pledged commitments to transform agricultural practices by increasing productivity while reducing carbon emissions.

“I am glad to see action that […]

Mayors at UN climate summit announce pledges towards major carbon cuts in cities

23 September 2014 – A compact of Mayors from cities around the world announced today that they will expand their commitments to scale up climate resilience efforts, energy efficiency programs and resilient financing mechanisms including through an initiative that aims to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 454 megatons […]

Commitment to sustainable transport mobilized at UN Climate Summit

23 September 2014 – Four global transport initiatives announced at the United Nations Climate Summit today aim to put the transport sector on track toward a low-carbon future and save trillions of dollars in fuel costs in the process.

According to a statement, these and other initiatives announced at Secretary-General […]

At UN summit, plans announced to boost low-carbon, renewable energy in Africa, small islands

23 September 2014 – A new initiative announced today at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York is expected to reduce dependency on fossil fuels in eastern and southern Africa at a time when regional demand for electricity is estimated to at least double over the next quarter […]

Your guide to the Climate Summit 2014


All sessions will be webcast live at: http://webtv.un.org


The latest announcements will be tweeted at http://www.twitter.com/climate2014live

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We will also be updating […]

Investors commit to decarbonize $100 billion in investments

A group of institutional investors — including two of Europe’s largest asset managers and pension funds – announced Tuesday they have joined forces with the United Nations Environment Programme and its Finance Initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of US$100 billion of institutional investments worldwide.

The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund […]

Peru, Germany, Norway launch climate and forest partnership

Germany and Norway agreed Tuesday to support Peru’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in the Peruvian Amazon.

The partnership was launched during the Climate Summit in New York at a press conference held jointly by the President of Peru, Ollanta Humala; the Prime Minister of […]

Ban seeks ‘vision, concrete action’ from world leaders at UN climate summit

22 September 2014 – True to his belief that tackling climate change requires “all hands on deck”, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is gathering a new and unique mix of partners at United Nations Headquarters Tuesday – from Government, business, finance and civil society – for a summit aiming to raise ambition, […]

Equator Awards honor community organizations from across the world

Members of the developing world – many of them indigenous people — mingled Monday night with environmentalists at Lincoln Center in New York where the Equator Awards honoured examples of sustainable development solutions for people, nature and communities.

“Tonight, we’re celebrating heroes – all representing grass roots,” said Connie Britton, the […]

At Climate Summit, UN is practicing what it preaches

The questions for the heads of state and government and their entourages who plan to attend next week’s Climate Summit in New York were a bit more personal than they’re used to getting from conference organizers.

What airport are they leaving from? Which one are they going to? Are they flying […]

‘Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Climate change has got to go!’

Numbering in the hundreds of thousands, they stepped, strutted, soldiered and sauntered through the streets of New York, their footfalls kicking up a thundering message of concern for their children, their grandchildren and their own futures unless world leaders act.

“We’re sending a clear message that enough is enough,” said Crystal […]

22 Days, 22 Climate Solutions

In the lead up to the Climate Summit, we shared 22 climate solutions on Twitter that highlight ways in which individuals worldwide are acting to tackle climate change while ensuring economic prosperity in their countries.

Why 22? Because the countdown started on 1st September and the Summit takes place 22 days […]