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Action on climate change set to be a key driver of Post-2015 Agenda

Efforts to tackle climate change and its impacts represent an important component of the Synthesis Report of the Secretary-General on the Post-2015 Agenda, an advance copy of which was presented Thursday to the General Assembly.

“We are now poised to take a major step toward ushering […]

5 December 2014|

African Carbon Asset Development (ACAD)

ACAD is a public-private partnership spearheaded by the UN Environment Programme and its Risoe Centre. Formed in late 2009 in cooperation with Standard Bank, ACAD acts as a catalytic platform that provides seed funding and advises green entrepreneurs on how to generate carbon credits and invest in low-carbon initiatives.

13 August 2014|

African Rural Energy Enterprise Development Phase II (AREED II)

The United Nations Environment Programme”s African Rural Energy Enterprise Development Programme (AREED) operates in Africa to develop new sustainable energy enterprises that use clean, efficient, and renewable energy technologies. As a result of the programme, more than 500 entrepreneurs have received enterprise development training to create or improve their businesses.

13 August 2014|

Mediterranean Investment Facility in Europe, Central Asia, and North Africa

The Mediterranean Investment Facility (MIF) is an initiative led by the UN Environment Programme with financial backing from the Italian Ministry for Environment Land and Sea. MIF helps establish innovative financing mechanisms to support renewable energy and energy efficiency systems as well as allow end-users to invest in renewable energies. MIF works in concert with electricity utilities, policy makers, technology suppliers, installers and local banks.

13 August 2014|