A new photo competition has been launched, based around the idea of loving our planet. This in the hope that the submitted images can then be used to positively influence decision makers at the COP21 conference on climate change, later in the year.

The COP21 event, taking place in Paris in December, will look at ways of accelerating international sustainable development and how to further advance the ‘green economy.’

To coincide, Paris Match and CNN have teamed up to launch the 1st Photographic Forum for the Planet. Through this visual initiative, budding photographers are encouraged to submit pictures and testimonials that showcase the wonders of our natural environment through the Love Planet Website.

The most powerful images will then be selected to feature on a White Paper to be presented to COP21 decision makers in the hope that it will influence various environmental treaties.

Tho submit a photograph and view images submitted so far go to: www.loveplanet.photo