On 24 October the European Council endorsed a binding target for the European Union (EU) of at least a 40% domestic reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030 compared to 1990.
In addition, it set a binding target of at least 27% for the share of renewable energy consumed in the EU in 2030.
An indicative target of at least 27% was set for improving energy efficiency in 2030, compared to projections of future energy consumption based on current criteria. This will be reviewed by 2020, having in mind an EU level of 30%, the Council said.

The Secretary-General commended the European Union’s new ambitious target to reduce greenhouse emissions, indicating that “the European Union leaders have once again placed Europe in a leading position with an ambitious emissions reduction target”, decision which “will also set a new standard for climate ambition for all countries in support of the upcoming global negotiations”.

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), also welcomed the announcement:“I applaud this move, which provides valuable momentum towards the Paris 2015 global climate agreement. The decision means that the EU will be able to submit its contribution to the Paris agreement by March next year. And it opens the door to greater ambition by all countries. The fact that the 28 countries of the EU, in different stages of economic development, can reach a good compromise bodes well for the ability of all nation to come to an effective agreement next year.”

The final round of formal negotiations before this year’s UN climate convention conference in Lima, Peru has begun in the German city of Bonn. The session, running from 20 to 25 October, gives governments the important opportunity to further develop a cohesive text of a new draft climate agreement.