The organization 1 Million Women aims to get one million women to pledge to take small steps in their daily lives that save energy, reduce waste, cut pollution and lead change. Since its creation in 2009, the organization has become the largest women’s environmental organization in Australia, with nearly 83,000 women having joined the campaign, and members have committed to cut over 100,000 tonnes of carbon pollution. When they reach their ultimate target of a million women as members and over a million tonnes of CO2 pollution saved, this will be equivalent to taking 240,000 cars off the road for a year.

In 2011, 1 Million Women launched its SAVE program, which helps its members conserve energy, cut waste and pollution while saving money at the same time. The program revolves around a series of monthly themes – Food, Drive, Power, Wear, Shop, Build and Invest. SAVE summit events in metropolitan and regional cities attracted more than 1,500 participants. SAVE includes a practical guide to shrink household bills by $1,000 a year simply by cutting waste.

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