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Saying ‘change is in the air,’ Ban urges new UN body to galvanize global sustainability agenda

27 June 2014 – With the close of the Millennium Development Goal era just months away, and work already beginning on a successor agenda to reign in poverty and put the planet on a sustainable course before it is too late, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said […]

30 June 2014|

UN officials call for restoration of ecosystems to reduce climate change disasters

17 June 2014 – Marking the World Day to Combat Desertification, United Nations officials today emphasized the importance of restoring degrading lands to avoid or soften the potentially disastrous impacts of climate change.

“Land degradation, caused or exacerbated by climate change, is not only a danger […]

17 June 2014|

United Nations Climate Summit 2014

12 June 2014|

UN agency spotlights ‘climate-smart’ approach to galvanize rural renewal

6 June 2014 – As the global farming community continues to curb climate change and food insecurity, the United Nations agriculture agency today spotlighted the best practices of its “climate-smart” approach to tackle those challenges and spark rural renewal.

6 June 2014|

Partnerships, cooperation focus of UN sustainable energy summit

5 June 2014 – “We need to form partnerships and investments on energy,” a senior official from Fiji said today at the United Nations Headquarters, echoing calls from other diplomats, business partners and civil society who traveled to New York to do exactly that, as […]

5 June 2014|

‘Raise your voice, not the sea level,’ urges UN on World Environment Day

5 June 2014 – Barbados, a small Caribbean island at the cutting edge of the fight against climate change, will be hosting this year’s World Environment Day, leading United Nations-wide efforts to draw attention to the plight of the world’s small islands potentially in peril of being […]

5 June 2014|

‘The future starts now,’ Ban says at launch of UN Decade of Sustainable Energy for All

5 June 2014 – Launching the United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today hailed modern energy services as the source of profound and life-changing opportunities – for the poorest communities and the richest investors – and urged generating the innovative […]

5 June 2014|

Sea-Level Rise in Small Island Nations to Cost US$ Trillions: Shift to Green Policies and Investment Critical

Bridgetown, 5 June 2014 – Climate change-induced sea-level rise in the world’s 52 small island nations – estimated to be up to four times the global average – continues to be the most pressing threat to their environment and socio-economic development with annual losses at […]

5 June 2014|

Urgent action needed to safeguard genetic diversity of world’s forests, UN study says

3 June 2014 – Urgent action to better manage the genetic diversity of forests – under pressure from climate change, exploitation and conversion for other uses – is needed to ensure that the benefits they provide will survive, the United Nations said in a first-of-its-kind […]

3 June 2014|

Six nations submit requests to support new UN Climate Technology Centre

Copenhagen/Bonn, 2 June 2014 – Developing countries are now beginning to make active use of the United Nation’s new global network for climate technology solutions, the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN). This constitutes a promising signal that momentum for climate action is building ahead […]

2 June 2014|