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UN’s top climate change official tells coal industry it can and must radically change and diversify

PRESS RELEASE (Warsaw, 18 November 2013) – Speaking to the International Coal and Climate Summit, organized by the Polish government and the World Coal Association, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Christiana Figueres said the coal industry can and must radically transform and diversify to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. […]

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15 November, Friday – Notes from Warsaw

End of Week 1—As the first week of the Warsaw Climate Conference winds down and participants prepare for the arrival of the UN Secretary-General and ministers, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, said it was still too soon to see […]

15 November 2013|

14 November 2013, Thursday – Notes from Warsaw

Talking ‘bout my generation — Is climate change all about a form of intergenerational warfare?  As Conference participants lined up to get a morning cup of coffee, youth delegates staged a rally nearby complaining that their voices were being ignored.  […]

15 November 2013|

New Guide Helps Companies Report Their Climate Policy Positions

Global Compact press release (New York, 14 November 2013) – For the first time ever, companies have a guide to manage and report on their direct and indirect influences on climate policy. The UN Global Compact, in cooperation with seven leading international organizations, today released guidelines to help companies engage in climate policy in a transparent and accountable way that is consistent with their sustainability commitments. […]

14 November 2013|

13 November 2013, Wednesday – Notes from Warsaw

People pushed to the limit — In some places it is salt water intruding on cropland and drinking water, in others it could be changing monsoon patterns, drought, flooding or coastal erosion, but because of climate change, people and communities around the world are already figuring out how to protect their food supply and their livelihoods, according to new research by UN University. Sometimes not very successfully. […]

13 November 2013|

Provisional Statement on Status of Climate in 2013:

Continuing high temperatures globally and many climate extremes worldwide
Geneva,  – The year 2013 is currently on course to be among the top ten warmest years since modern records began in 1850, according to the World Meteorological Organization. The first nine months, January to September, tied with 2003 as the seventh warmest such period on record, with a global land and ocean surface temperature of about 0.48°C (0.86°F) above the 1961–1990 average. […]

12 November 2013|

12 November 2013, Tuesday — Notes from Warsaw

A day of science—The IPCC launched the first part of its Fifth Assessment Report in September, detailing how the case for human-caused climate change just became even stronger and more certain. Today, the IPCC brought their findings to Warsaw to provide delegates and decision-makers with a first-hand glimpse. “The warming of the climate is unequivocal,” said Thomas Stocker, the chair of the group that produced part one of the report. “And many of the changes are unprecedented.” The IPCC labels its findings according to degrees of scientific certainty, and the IPCC […]

12 November 2013|

Notes from Warsaw—the Climate Conference

Monday, November 11, 2013—Opening Day
Conference in a Stadium—Hosting a climate conference, with more than 10,000 expected participants, usually calls for some intriguing planning.  And here in Warsaw, the Conference itself is literally taking part on the playing field, or pitch, as some call it.  Perhaps to signify that it is a level playing field.  The big tent lies within the domed stadium and accommodates all the meeting rooms. […]

11 November 2013|

COP 19/CMP 9 begins with calls for governments to harness strong groundswell of action on climate change

UNFCCC press release (Warsaw, 11 November 2013) – The UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw began today with calls for governments to harness the strong groundswell of action on climate change across all levels of government, business and society and make real progress here towards a successful, global climate change agreement in 2015. […]

11 November 2013|

Smoke exposure from cookstoves kills 4 million every year: World Bank

November 3– Common pollutants like soot are accelerating climate change and proving fatal for health, according to a new report issued by the World Bank today.
The carbon pollutants, along with methane gas, are short-lived climate pollutants that are playing a major role in accelerating […]

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