In a letter to world leaders, the Secretary-General congratulated governments for adopting the amendment and asked them to speedily adopt the measure.

“The decision of your Government is a critical step in the global effort
to tackle climate change,” he wrote. “I would encourage you to swiftly accept this important Amendment.

The Secretary-General added, “I remain deeply committed to supporting your Government and the international community in your efforts to address climate change.  I take this opportunity to once again urge you to accelerate climate action in your country and to scale-up global efforts to reach an ambitious climate agreement by 2015.

“It is through your leadership and close cooperation that we will ensure a sustainable, prosperous future for all.”

The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was adopted in Kyoto, Japan, on 11 December 1997. The Protocol entered into force on 16 February 2005. Currently, the Protocol has 191 Parties, including the European Union.

The new Doha Amendment to establish a second commitment requires the ratification of three-quarters of the parties to the Protocol before it can enter into force.