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Sea-Level Rise in Small Island Nations to Cost US$ Trillions: Shift to Green Policies and Investment Critical

5 June 2014|

Bridgetown, 5 June 2014 – Climate change-induced sea-level rise in the world’s 52 small island nations – estimated to be up to four times the global average – continues to be the most pressing […]

Urgent action needed to safeguard genetic diversity of world’s forests, UN study says

3 June 2014|

3 June 2014 – Urgent action to better manage the genetic diversity of forests – under pressure from climate change, exploitation and conversion for other uses – is needed to ensure that the benefits […]

Six nations submit requests to support new UN Climate Technology Centre

2 June 2014|

Copenhagen/Bonn, 2 June 2014 – Developing countries are now beginning to make active use of the United Nation’s new global network for climate technology solutions, the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN). This constitutes […]

Mayors on frontline of battle against climate change – UN

29 May 2014|

29 May 2014 – The head of the United Nations agency on human settlements today said he hoped thousands of cities around the world will join forces to sign a compact to strengthen cooperation […]

UN climate chief welcomes progress on design of Green Climate Fund

21 May 2014|

Bonn, 21 May 2014 – The United Nations climate chief today welcomed the progress made in the institutional design of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) at its final meeting in Songdo, Republic of Korea.

“It […]

UN climate chief: Raise support now for accelerating global climate action

30 April 2014|

Kathmandu, Nepal, 30 April 2014 – Communities across the developing world have a wealth of local knowledge and ingenuity to adapt more successfully to climate change but they urgently need greater international support to unlock their ambitions, […]