Vox Populi: Thoughts and views from people from all walks of life and from all over the world at various UN events and observances

70th anniversary of the United Nations

In celebration of the UN's 70th anniversary, public figures, celebrities and athletes share their dreams for the UN going forward
Posted 22 October 2015

Third International Conference on Financing for Development (Addis Ababa)

Participants at the Financing for Development conference share their thoughts on how billions of dollars should be invested to improve people’s lives
Posted 13 July 2015

Conference of UN Force Commanders

Military chiefs highlight main challenges facing peacekeepers in their respective missions
Posted 29 June 2015

Conference on the rights of persons with disabilities

Participants at conference on the rights of persons with disabilities share their views
Posted 11 June 2015

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Participants at UN Indigenous Forum highlight issues of concern
Posted 21 April 2015

Global Forum on Youth Policy

Participants at the 1st Global Forum on Youth Policy share their views on why youth policy is important to them
Posted 17 November 2014

UN Climate Summit 2014

Participants at the UN Climate Summit discuss the need to catalyze action to combat climate change
Posted 23 September 2014

Sustainable Energy for All

Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Forum participants discuss key challenges to sustainable energy
Posted 05 June 2014

International Jazz Day

Artists from all over the world share their thoughts on how jazz can help promote peace
Posted 30 April 2014

International Day of UN Peacekeepers 2014

UN Peacekeeping, A Force for Peace. A Force for Change. A Force for The Future.
Posted 29 April 2014

Women's empowerment

Participants in the 58th Commission on the Status of Women reflect on the biggest obstacles to women's empowerment worldwide
Posted 14 March 2014

UN Special Rapporteurs

Independent United Nations human rights experts discuss some of their biggest concerns
Posted 07 November 2013

United Nations Day 2013

United Nations Day - visitors talk about why the UN is important, 68 years after its creation
Posted 23 October 2013

World Humanitarian Day 2013

Aid workers from around the world share what they think the world needs more of
Posted 16 August 2013

Youth speak up on education on Malala Day

Students who took part in the Youth Assembly at UN Headquarters on Malala Day share their views on education
Posted 12 July 2013

International Day of UN Peacekeepers 29 May 2013

Meet a few of the UN Peacekeepers deployed around the world
Posted 28 May 2013

UN Forum on Forests

Tenth Forests Forum: Activists, film-makers, photographers on why forests are vital to growth and development
Posted 11 April 2013

Violence Against Women and Girls

At the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), participants voice their ideas about ending violence against women and girls
Posted 08 March 2013

UN Tour Guides at 60

Marking 60 years since they first began presenting the world body to the public, UN Tour Guides speak about their experiences
Posted 15 November 2012

Backstage buzz

Voices from the 67th General Assembly
Posted 26 September 2012

International Day of Peace

UN Messengers of Peace and young people share their views on the importance of the International Day of Peace
Posted 21 September 2012

Model UN Workshop

Workshop participants speak about the importance of the Model UN as an educational vehicle for youth
Posted 31 August 2012

Indigenous Voices

Participants at UN Indigenous peoples conference highlight expectations and hopes
Posted 15 August 2012

Voices from Rio

Attendees at Rio+20 talk about what they will take home from the conference
Posted 15 June 2012