UN drums up support for Member States to sign up to host of international treaties

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Addresses General Assembly

17 September 2010 – United Nations officials are urging Member States to take advantage of next week’s annual high-level segment of the General Assembly to sign, ratify or accede to dozens of international treaties ranging from protecting human rights to fighting terrorism to preserving biodiversity.

Last year 64 countries took 103 treaty actions - the highest participation in four years – and in hopes of even greater success this year’s event has been entitled ‘Towards universal participation and implementation.’

This year’s event highlights 43 treaties deposited with the UN that address human rights, disarmament, protection of the environment, biodiversity, desertification and climate change, terrorism and crime, and the safety of UN and associated personnel.

In addition to these, Member States can also take action with regard to some 500 other treaties.

“As is customary, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited heads of state and government present in New York for the opening of the 65th General Assembly to demonstrate their continuing commitment to the rule of law by undertaking treaty actions,” the head of the UN Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) Treaty Section, Gabriele Goettsche-Wanli, told reporters.

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