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Singer Sami Yusuf joins roster of UN Global Ambassadors Against Hunger

26 August – The internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and composer Sami Yusuf has today joined the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) as a Global Ambassador Against Hunger.

More than 300 die in boat tragedies on Mediterranean, marking year’s deadliest week – UN

26 August – The past few days have been the deadliest this year for people making irregular crossings on the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe, with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reporting that at least 300 people have died in successive boat tragedies.

Gaza: Ban confers with world leaders, stresses importance of durable ceasefire

22 August – After the breakdown earlier this week of the latest temporary ceasefire in Gaza, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed the need for efforts to guide the parties towards a durable peace, today making a round of phone calls to a number of key players in the Middle East and beyond concerning the situation.

Over 20,000 people risked their lives in Indian Ocean sea crossings this year – UN report

22 August – Over 20,000 people risked their lives in sea crossings in the Indian Ocean in the first half of this year, many of them Rohingya who fled Myanmar, according to a new report released today by the United Nations refugee agency.

Iraq: major relief effort underway in north as UN envoy warns against targeting of Sunnis in south

20 August – A United Nations refugee agency cargo jet carrying 100 tons of emergency relief supplies landed at Erbil in Iraq’s Kurdistan region today “in the largest single aid push” in more than a decade, as the top UN official in the country warned against increased targeting of Sunni minorities in the south.

As South Sudan crisis grows, Ethiopia becomes Africa’s largest refugee host

19 August – Ethiopia has surpassed Kenya in hosting the most refugees in Africa, sheltering 629,000 refugees as of the end of July, the United Nations refugee agency announced on Tuesday.

Amid unprecedented destruction, Gaza needs ‘new deal’-style recovery plan – UN official

19 August – Concerned by the many civilian casualties and the unprecedented scale of destruction in the latest military conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants, a senior United Nations official urged today the international community to “rethink the Gaza paradigm.”

Iraq: UN refugee agency launches major humanitarian aid push for displaced people

19 August – The United Nations refugee agency said today that it is launching one of its largest humanitarian aid pushes in response to the deteriorating situation in Iraq, aiming to help close to a half million people who had been forced to flee their homes.

Mali: Security Council condemns recent deadly suicide attack on UN base

18 August – The Security Council today condemned in the strongest terms Saturday’s suicide attack on a United Nations base in Ber, Mali, that killed two UN Burkinabe peacekeepers and injured seven others.

UN humanitarian agencies scaling up efforts as Iraq’s displacement crisis deepens

18 August – Amidst an expanding displacement crisis in Iraq, several United Nations humanitarian organizations are scaling up efforts to get food and water to people fleeing attacks by the Islamic State (IS).

Ban ‘deeply disturbed’ by reported attack on refugee convoy in eastern Ukraine

18 August – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is deeply disturbed by today’s alarming reports regarding an attack on a column of internally displaced persons (IDPs) attempting to leave the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine.

Cross-border aid reaches civilians displaced by ongoing violence in Libya – UN

18 August – The United Nations refugee agency said today it has, for the first time, begun sending aid into western Libya from Tunisia to help some of the tens of thousands of people displaced by weeks of fighting in Tripoli.

Ban condemns attack on UN Mali base, declares it 'will not deter' peace efforts

16 August – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned the suicide attack on a United Nations base in Mali that killed two UN peacekeepers and injured seven others this morning.

UN rights experts urge halt to Sri Lanka's deportations of Pakistani asylum seekers

14 August – United Nations human rights experts today expressed their grave concern over the detentions and forced deportations of Pakistani asylum seekers in Sri Lanka back to their homeland where violent attacks against religious minorities have spiked in recent years.

Gaza hospitals, health facilities need urgent donor support: UN agency

12 August – Hospitals and health facilities in Gaza are in dire need of support from the international donor community, a senior representative of the United Nations health agency today said following a visit to the Gaza Strip and Ramallah to survey the infrastructure there.

As latest ceasefire holds in Gaza, Ban urges both sides to address root causes of conflict

12 August – The most recent ceasefire in Gaza appears to be holding but unless the underlying causes of the conflict are addressed, another round of violence and vengeance is almost guaranteed, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today warned.

UN Rights Council appoints members of commission to investigate purported Gaza violations

11 August – The United Nations Human Rights Council announced today the appointment of three members to its independent Commission of Inquiry to investigate purported violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and particularly in the Gaza Strip since the conflict began on 13 June.

Middle East: UN chief welcomes temporary ceasefire, urges longer-term agreement

10 August – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed today's announcement by Egypt that the Israelis and the Palestinians have accepted another 72 hours' unconditional humanitarian ceasefire and urged all concerned to avoid steps that would lead to a resumption of violence.

UN agency provides assistance for hundreds fleeing town near Lebanon’s border with Syria

8 August – As violence escalates in Lebanon, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) and its partners are distributing humanitarian supplies in the north-eastern Bekaa Valley to both Lebanese and Syrian refugees who had fled the town of Arsal, close to the Syrian border.

Northern Iraq: UN voices concern about civilians’ safety, need for humanitarian aid

8 August – Gravely concerned for the physical safety of civilians in northern Iraq and the humanitarian situation in areas now controlled by the group, Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the United Nations human rights office today called on the international community and the Governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan region to protect people affected by the fighting.

DR Congo: despite improved security, situation remains ‘fragile,’ UN envoys warn

7 August – Two senior UN officials warned today that although the security situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has vastly improved since this time last year, it remains fragile and the gains are “not irreversible.”

UN flags at half-mast to honour staff killed in Gaza conflict

7 August – The United Nations flag is flying at half-mast today at the world body's New York Headquarters in memory of the UN staff members killed since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza on 8 July, and in solidarity with the families and friends of those injured.

Ahead of constitutional deadline, UN envoy calls on Iraq to form new government

6 August – The top United Nations official in Iraq today urged the country’s political leadership to set aside its difference and work together to form an inclusive government that could overcome “the grave challenges” faced.

Briefing UN Assembly, Ban urges political talks to end ‘senseless cycle of suffering’ in Gaza

6 August – As the temporary ceasefire continues to hold in Gaza, senior United Nations officials today urged Israelis and Palestinians to return to the negotiating table, and called on the 193 Member States to respond to calls for emergency humanitarian funding.

Last group of Congolese refugees return to their homes in DR Congo – UN

5 August – A final group of Congolese refugees have returned to their homes in the northern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) under a voluntary repatriation programme by the United Nations refugee agency.

UN agency ‘deeply concerned’ about safety of refugees in embattled Libya

5 August – As violence escalates in Libya, the United Nations today said it was deeply concerned for the safety of thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers who are currently stranded in areas heavily damaged by the continuous fighting.

Desperate Nigerians fleeing Boko Haram arriving on deserted island in Chad, UN warns

5 August – The United Nations refugee agency today sounded the alarm on behalf of the nearly 1,000 people who recently arrived in the uninhabited Chadian island of Choua after fleeing attacks by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria.

Tens of thousands of besieged Syrians receive food aid for first time, UN reports

5 August – More people in besieged and difficult-to-reach areas of Syria are getting food due to a Security Council resolution approved last month that allows delivery trucks to more easily cross borders and conflict lines, the United Nations emergency food agency today confirmed.

South Sudan: After killing of aid worker in Bunj, UN calls for militias to be reined in

4 August – The United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan today strongly condemned the killing of a humanitarian worker, as peace talks to end fighting in the world’s newest country resumed in Addis Ababa.

Temporary ceasefire allows UN to restock water, food, following another school attack

4 August – Amid a seven-hour ceasefire announced by Israel in Gaza, the United Nations and aid partners are restocking supplies in schools and other buildings being used as temporary shelters for the nearly 270,000 displaced people throughout the Gaza Strip.

Lebanon: UN condemns fighting in northeastern border town with Syria

4 August – The top United Nations relief official in Lebanon today strongly condemned attacks on the Lebanese Armed Forces and the ongoing fighting in and around the city of Arsal, in the northeastern part of the country near its border with Syria.

Gaza: Ban condemns latest deadly attack near UN school as 'moral outrage and criminal act'

3 August – Amidst an 'appalling' escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip since the collapse of a brief 1 August ceasefire, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned the killing today of at least 10 Palestinian civilians in shelling outside of a United Nations school in Rafah which had been sheltering thousands of civilians.

UN warns of 'rapidly unfolding' health disaster in Gaza

2 August – Weeks of intense fighting has left medical services and facilities in the Gaza Strip “on the verge of collapse,” according to senior United Nations officials in the region who today warned that a health disaster of widespread proportions is rapidly unfolding as the conflict grinds on.

Despite peace talks, ongoing clashes in Central African Republic take heavy toll on civilians – UN

1 August – United Nations humanitarian staff working in crisis-torn Central African Republic (CAR) reported today that despite peace talks, civilians continue to be caught in crossfire in ongoing fighting.

Iraq: UN envoy urges greater civilian protection as fighting continues to take heavy toll

1 August – The top United Nations envoy to Iraq today called for greater efforts to protect civilians amid the ongoing fighting, as the latest casualty figures show that nearly 1,200 civilians were killed in the month of July, while another 1,500 were injured.

UN, US announce Gaza parties agree to 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire

31 July – All parties have agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire in the conflict in the Gaza Strip, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and United States Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Thursday, culminating the latest diplomatic push to end the deadly violence that has gripped the tiny enclave for nearly a month.

Iraq: Amid rising insecurity, UN official urges unimpeded access to desperate civilians

31 July – A senior UN official in Iraq expressed concern today over rising levels of violence and instability across the crisis-torn country and its impact on the lives of civilians.

Gaza: deadly shelling of another UN school draws condemnation, calls for ceasefire

30 July – As another United Nations school serving as a shelter for Palestinians in Gaza was hit by shells this morning, killing children, senior UN officials strongly condemned the attacks and warned against the targeting of civilians.

Citing humanitarian impact, Ban warns against further escalation in Gaza conflict

29 July – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has strongly urged all sides to avoid any further escalation in the Gaza conflict, warning of the devastating humanitarian impact on civilians in the enclave who have already suffered immensely since the crisis started.

‘Gaza in critical condition,’ says Ban, calling again for immediate ceasefire

28 July – Urging Israelis and Palestinians to stop the fighting now, “in the name of humanity”, United Nations Secretary-General has again joined the Security Council in calling on the parties to agree on an “immediate and unconditional” ceasefire, allowing for the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip.

Gaza: UN renews appeal for humanitarian ceasefire leading to political talks

27 July – Welcoming the broadly observed 12-hour humanitarian pause in the Gaza conflict, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon renewed his appeal to all parties to declare a week-long ceasefire as a prelude to restarting political negotiations.

During Skype call, Ban voices gratitude for courageous efforts of UN staff in Gaza

25 July – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today spoke with United Nations staff in Gaza via Skype and thanked them for their courageous efforts amid the ongoing conflict, which has now displaced over 140,000 people in the area.

UN agency hails Suriname for eliminating gender discrimination in nationality laws

25 July – The United Nations refugee agency today welcomed a recent decision taken by the Suriname National Assembly that enables mothers to pass on nationality to their children.

UN agencies urge greater support to fight mounting hunger crisis in Africa’s Sahel region

25 July – Two United Nations agencies today urged the international donor community to renew its commitment to fight hunger and food insecurity in the Sahel by strengthening the resilience of destitute families in the region.

UN agency urges Europe to act to stop rising refugee, migrant deaths at sea

24 July – In the wake of recent tragedies, the United Nations refugee agency today called on European countries to take urgent action to stop the rising number of deaths among refugees and migrants attempting to reach the continent by sea.

Security Council, UN officials welcome signing of Central African Republic ceasefire

24 July – The Security Council and senior United Nations officials have welcomed the signing of an agreement on the cessation of hostilities by the parties in the Central African Republic (CAR) and highlighted the need to follow this up with national reconciliation and reconstruction efforts.

‘Appalled’ by attack on UN-run school in Gaza, Ban urges halt to all fighting

24 July – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today he is “appalled” by the news of an attack on a United Nations-run school in Gaza where hundreds of people had taken refuge from the ongoing hostilities, adding that the incident underscores the need to stop all fighting immediately.

Ban underscores UN support for secure, inclusive, peaceful Iraq during visit

24 July – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today underscored his full support for efforts to overcome the division’s plaguing Iraq and build a secure, prosperous and peaceful country for all, during a stop there as part of his current visit to the region.

Ethiopia faces wave of refugees from South Sudan, warns UN relief official

23 July – South Sudan is the most rapidly deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the world today, according to a senior United Nations relief operations official who made an urgent appeal for desperately-needed funding for Ethiopia, which hosts 180,000 mostly women and children South Sudanese refugees.

Iraq: UN envoy demands Islamist forces end ‘horrific terrorist acts’

23 July – The top United Nations official in Iraq called today on the Security Council to demand that the Islamist forces – in control of more than a third of the country's territory – cease all hostilities and to ensure that those responsible for "horrific terrorist acts" are held to account.

As civilian casualties rise in Gaza, UN Rights Council agrees probe into alleged ‘war crimes’

23 July – The United Nations Human Rights Council today decided to launch an independent inquiry into purported violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem, Ban meets with Israeli, US officials, reiterates call for Mid-East ceasefire

23 July – The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met in Jerusalem today with Israeli and United States officials today in Jerusalem and called for an immediate ceasefire as the crisis in the Gaza Strip enters its 16th day.

On visit to Israel and West Bank, Ban calls for end to current fighting, return to dialogue

22 July – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on Israelis and Palestinians to stop the fighting that has been raging for the past two weeks and return to dialogue with the aim of addressing the underlying causes of the cycles of violence that continue to plague them.

UN agency renews call on donors to support Central African Republic refugees

22 July – The United Nations refugee agency today called on donors to increase funding for programmes in neighbouring countries hosting refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR).

Ban urges Central Africans to seize reconciliation talks to usher in era of peace

21 July – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged the people of Central African Republic (CAR) to seize the opportunity of talks taking place in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, to advance reconciliation and “open a new page in their history.”

Gaza: UN issues emergency appeal, begins airlift to meet urgent humanitarian needs

21 July – The United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees has issued an emergency appeal for $60 million to respond to the urgent humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza, including tens of thousands who have fled their homes in the wake of the current Israeli military offensive.

Ban urges all parties to rally around efforts to end bloodshed, obtain Israel-Gaza ceasefire

21 July – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged all parties to rally around collective international efforts to obtain an end to two weeks of bloodshed in Gaza and Israel and reach a ceasefire, as he continued his visit to the region with a stop in Cairo.

UN chief strongly condemns systematic persecution of minorities in northern Iraq

20 July – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today condemned in the strongest terms the systematic persecution of minorities in Mosul and other parts of northern Iraq as a reported deadline passed for individuals to convert to Islam, pay a tax, flee or face possible execution.

Security Council holds emergency meeting on Gaza; Ban meets with Abbas in Qatar

20 July – The Security Council on Sunday called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Doha, the first leg of a Middle East tour which aims to end the conflict.

Middle East: As fighting worsens, UN chief heads to region to help broker solution

18 July – Amid an escalation of violence in Gaza, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will leave for the region on Saturday to express solidarity with Israelis and Palestinians, and to help bolster regional and international efforts for a solution.

UN, European officials concerned at deliberate attacks on civilians in Central African Republic

18 July – The United Nations and European Commission emergency relief coordinators expressed deep concern today over reports of alarming levels of violence in the Central African Republic (CAR), including several cases in which armed groups deliberately targeted camps sheltering displaced people.

UN reports serious human rights violations, potential war crimes in Iraq

18 July – The group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its allies are imposing “untold hardship and suffering” on Iraqi civilians, the United Nations said today in a report that also casts doubt as to whether Iraqi security forces (ISF) and associated forces have done enough to protect civilians during hostilities.

UN relief chief warns of looming disaster amid linked crises in Sudan and South Sudan

16 July – Deeply concerned by the escalating and increasingly interlinked crises in Sudan and South Sudan, where violence is sparking refugee flows and disrupting harvests again this year, the top United Nations relief official warned today that the humanitarian situation is deteriorating for hundreds of thousands of people in both countries.

Level of human loss, destruction in Gaza ‘immense,’ says UN agency

15 July – The level of human loss and destruction in Gaza as a result of the ongoing conflict with Israel has been “immense,” the United Nations agency tasked with assisting Palestinian refugees said today, noting that eight days of hostilities has claimed 174 lives and injured well over 1,100 people.

On visit to Gaza, senior UN humanitarian officials call for halt to Israeli offensive

14 July – Concerned about more civilian casualties in a possible Israeli military incursion into Gaza, senior United Nations humanitarian officials on a visit to the area called today for an immediate return to calm and a ceasefire to avoid further loss of life.

Lebanon faces ‘national calamity’ as refugee crisis deepens, UN relief official warns

14 July – The top United Nations relief official in Lebanon today warned of the implications for Lebanon as the number of refugees in the country grows amid the ongoing conflict in Syria as well as unrest in Iraq and now Gaza.