News Quiz: Are you up to speed on what's happening at the UN?

Take a minute to test your knowledge of the events, issues and people making the headlines over the past week.

1. The UN human rights chief expressed concern this week as both Pakistan and Jordan resumed executions, reversing their moratoria on the death penalty. How many Member States have eliminated capital punishment or do not practice it?

2. The FAO has launched a funding appeal to help tackle Fusarium wilt disease, otherwise known as Panama Disease - a deadly fungus that affects the production of this widely-consumed tropical fruit.

3. On 26 December 2014, UN officials commemorated the anniversary of the ________ - the world's worst recorded natural disaster which claimed the lives of 227,000 people.

4. A new UN report based on satellite imagery this week revealed the extensive damage to ____ historical and cultural heritage sites caused by the country's ongoing conflict.

5. UN officials this week welcomed the entry into force of this treaty, hailing it as a new chapter in collective efforts to bring responsibility, accountability and transparency to the global weapons trade.