News Quiz: Are you up to speed on what's happening at the UN?

Take a minute to test your knowledge of the events, issues and people making the headlines over the past week.

1. In 2013, the UN marked the International Year of this staple food product indigenous to the Americas.

2. This week, UNESCO unveiled its Unite for Heritage campaign to help protect world heritage sites such as the Iraqi city of ______ from 'cultural cleansing.'

3. The UN General Assembly this week heard from the Oscar-winning actor and renowned environmentalist ________ as he addressed the UN body on the growing threat of climate change.

4. The UN is currently featuring an exhibit from this major 20th century United States-born artist and illustrator of typically American tableaux who also happened to be a devout supporter of the Organization's mission to bring peace to the world.

5. Which country became the first in the world to halt the mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis this week?